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Superfinishing Process – What is it? Benefits. Applications

Understanding Superfinishing Superfinishing is a finishing process that aims to achieve an exceptionally smooth surface finish on a workpiece. Unlike conventional machining, which focuses primarily on shaping and rough finishing, superfinishing refines the surface texture to ultra-precise levels, often reducing roughness to mere microinches.   The Process in Action At its core, superfinishing involves the… Read more »

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Why you should know how to measure amplitude in the vibratory finishing process?

Looking to get the best results out of your vibratory finishing process? At ActOn Finishing, we’ve got you covered. Let’s discuss what the vibratory finishing machine amplitude is, why you should check it and how to carry out the correct checks to ensure your vibratory finishing machine is the best it can be. What is… Read more »

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Unlocking Versatility: Which industries are vapour blasting machines best suited for?

Join us as we take a closer look at vapour blasting machine applications, and the industries our equipment best serves. And if you’re not sure on what vapour blasting is and how it can help your business, click here to discover more about vapour blasting.  Vapour blasting machine applications The versatility of vapour blasting machines… Read more »

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What is vapour blasting?

In the world of surface preparation and restoration, where precision meets innovation, one method has been making waves – quite literally. Vapour blasting, a cutting-edge technique, has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of surface treatment. As industries strive for superior efficiency and environmental responsibility, wet blasting has become a beacon of hope, offering… Read more »

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Introducing the NF Sand Blasting Cabinet

About the NF Sand Blasting Cabinet As the demand for high-quality surface finishing solutions continues to grow, ActOn Finishing recognises the need for innovative and reliable equipment. The introduction of NF Sand Blasting Cabinet to the UK market is a strategic move aimed at meeting the diverse requirements of industries such as automotive, aerospace, metal… Read more »

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Dry Electropolishing machines: What are they and what are the benefits?

So, you’ve heard of a dry electropolishing machine, and want to understand what it is, the process and its features? Join us as we discuss everything there is to know about dry electropolishing and its various benefits in our latest blog… What is dry electropolishing? Put simply, dry electropolishing is a relatively new surface finishing… Read more »

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Why surface finishing is important for medical device manufacturing in the UK

We understand that in the world of medical advancements, precision and quality are essential, especially when it comes to medical implants, and their surface finish. Here at ActOn Finishing, we’ve created an innovative surface finishing solution for the medical sector, offering a game-changing approach for medical implants. Let’s explore how we’ve helped expert medical device… Read more »

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ActOn Finishing Offers Mirror Finishing Solution to UK Manufacturing Market by Acquiring the DLyte PRO500

The DLyte PRO500, manufactured by GPAINNOVA, offers exceptional metal surface finishing results with superior speed and efficiency replacing manual finishing. ActOn can now supply this machine or offer a subcontract finishing service. Sid Gulati, Managing Director at ActOn Finishing, states: “We are very pleased with our latest addition to our test lab. We currently manufacture… Read more »

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