Agro Drying Media &
Pre-treated Media

ActOn’s range of Drying Media is manufactured from corn cob (Maizorb) and Walnut Shell and can be used for a variety of finishing applications, including drying polishing and cleaning.

Available in a wide range of grain sizes to suit specific application, Agro Media can also be supplied pre-treated with dry compounds in order to achieve a fine, smooth high-end polish with a bright luster on a wide range of materials. All Agro media is manufactured and formulated for use in all rotary vibrators and high energy centrifugal systems.

Key Benefits

  • All of our agro and pre-treated medias are bovine free.
  • Best suited for drying, cleaning and polishing finishing applications.
  • Walnut shell is excellent for cleaning and polishing of heat-treated components, jewellery, surgical components, implants, etc.
  • Pre-treated walnut shell is perfect for producing a high luster on components requiring a high-quality aesthetic finish.
  • All ActOn media and compounds can be adapted and formulated for specialised applications.

About ActOn Agro Media

Maizorb grains are highly absorbent, making this material and excellent media for drying parts after a wet process. Usually the Maizorb is loaded into a vibratory/ rotary dryer and is heated by the finishing machine heating elements. The wet components are loaded in the dryer’s work chamber and tumbled in the heated Maizorb. The corn cob acts as an absorbent and removes any moisture from the parts.

Walnut shell is manufactured out of crushed walnut shells. This media is great for shot blasting and mass finishing applications. The walnut shell is hard and fibrous and are known as ‘soft abrasive’. Being extremely durable, walnut shells are used for the cleaning and polishing of heat-treated components, jewelery, surgical components, watches, etc.


Agro Media Technical Specifications

For further technical specifications and more information please download our brochure.


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