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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit ActOn Finishing at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show 2022

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show is a must-attend event for anyone involved in design, engineering production and procurement. It is the place to see all the latest in production hardware, components, consumables and technology; serving a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Machinery, Packaging/ Handling/ Logistics, Energy, Marine, Medical, Mechanical Engineering… Read more »

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Why is surface finishing for medical implants and instruments so important?

Surface finishing has always been viewed as a process by-product rather than a design feature in metal additive manufacturing, particularly in the healthcare sector. This blog will delve into the importance of surface finishing for medical implants and instruments to create an understanding of the finishing requirements within the medical industry.  Why is surface finishing… Read more »

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Why You Need to Include 3D Printing Post Processing Into Your Manufacturing Process?

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is now an established technology for prototyping and mass production. However metal parts that have been produced through additive manufacturing tend to have a surface with an average Roughness (Ra) ranging anywhere from 10 to 30 microns. The values of Ra may increase at support locations and may decrease depending on… Read more »

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Pre-tumbled media is guaranteed to improve your surface finishing process

Whether you’re new to the mass finishing process or tweaking existing characteristics like workpieces or process timeframes, understanding how pre-tumbled media can improve your finishing process is key in achieving the surface finish you need for your parts. What is pre-tumbled media? Simply put, pre-tumbled media is the means to achieving the desired surface finishing. … Read more »

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ActOn Finishing Announces Partnership with Finishtech in France

In pursuit of its vision to be recognized in international markets as a leading manufacturer and complete surface finishing solutions provider, ActOn Finishing has partnered with Finishtech to provide ActOn’s expertise within the European Market. Our partner Finishtech has successfully represented ActOn in the French market for the past three years leading to successful installations… Read more »

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ActOn Finishing Launches Wheel Blasting Range in UK in Partnership with Cogeim Europe

These machines are designed by Cogeim Europe, to guarantee reliable operation and a long service life. The wheel blasting technology will offer the possibility to achieve a wide range of finishing applications, including descaling, removal of corrosion or rust, paint stripping, de-flashing, achieving a smooth finish, shot peening, polishing and surface preparation prior to coating.… Read more »

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How waste water treatment solutions in the manufacturing industry can encourage sustainable development

Large volumes of waste are produced as a result of intensive manufacturing activities, including from metal finishing processes. The waste water generated causes major environmental issues when it is disposed of. As a result, new waste water treatment solutions are emerging and being manufactured to help encourage sustainable development across the industries and use waste… Read more »

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The Mass Finishing Process – your top 8 questions answered

We’ve taken the 8 most asked questions relating to Mass Finishing, to tell you exactly what you need to know, including how to incorporate Mass Finishing into your operations and how to use Mass Finishing to obtain optimum results. 1. What is Mass Finishing? Mass Finishing is a process that automates the mechanical and chemical… Read more »

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