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How to know which surface finishing method is right for you

  When it comes to finishing your parts, surface finishing is a crucial end process. But with so many surface finishing technologies and methods to choose from, and the different surface finish and flatness achievable depending on the method you choose, it’s important to choose the right one.  In this blog we explore the different… Read more »

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ActOn Finishing Joins Medical ITI 2022 Event to Show Its Support to Medical Manufacturing Industry

ITI 2022 – a Virtual Event Created for the Medical Manufacturing Industry   Medical ITI 2022 is a virtual event created for the medical manufacturing industry, by a group of 7 technical partners who are looking to share their knowledge in how to improve productivity, while maintaining product quality, without increasing the size of the… Read more »

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Understanding what surface finishing is and its importance

In this blog we explore what surface finishing is, its importance and how to measure it effectively, so you can feel confident you’re choosing the right surface finishing standards for your parts.   What Is Surface Finishing? Surface finishing in simple terms is a process used to alter a metal’s surface by adding, removing or… Read more »

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ActOn Finishing is Exhibiting at Innovative Hybrid Exhibition: Backing Britain 3.0

About Made in Group and Backing Britain 3.0   The aim of the Backing Britain Expo from The Made in Group is to connect hundreds of manufacturers across the region in an immersive, interactive, and environmentally friendly way. Over the last 18 months or so, businesses have had to propel themselves into the digital, whether… Read more »

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ActOn Finishing Technology at MACH 2022

MACH 2022 is the first national gathering of the UK’s engineering and manufacturing community in 4 years!  This event will bring together the latest innovations and developments from manufacturing technologies industries in one place. It’s an exhibition that gathers over 25,000 visitors and showcases the latest products, services and technological developments from the manufacturing and… Read more »

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How do I treat wastewater?

Not only is having a good wastewater solution in place a responsible environmental measure, but it also facilitates recycling and lowers processing costs. To help you understand the importance of the effluent process and how to treat wastewater effectively, we’ve compiled everything you need to know: Why is it important to treat wastewater?   The… Read more »

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How long does the mass finishing process take?

Whether you’re a business owner or an engineer, you know how important it is to provide polished, long-lasting products to your customers, which is exactly what a good quality mass finishing machine can achieve.  To help you understand the mass finishing process, how long it should take, and how many parts can be processed at… Read more »

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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit ActOn Finishing at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show 2022

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show is a must-attend event for anyone involved in design, engineering production and procurement. It is the place to see all the latest in production hardware, components, consumables and technology; serving a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Machinery, Packaging/ Handling/ Logistics, Energy, Marine, Medical, Mechanical Engineering… Read more »

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