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Which mass finishing media is best to use in a finishing process?

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the right mass finishing media for your finishing process? That’s where we can help, join us as we explore the essential factors to consider when selecting the best media for your specific needs in our video and blog below… What are the main types of… Read more »

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Why surface finishing is important for medical device manufacturing in the UK

We understand that in the world of medical advancements, precision and quality are essential, especially when it comes to medical implants, and their surface finish. Here at ActOn Finishing, we’ve created an innovative surface finishing solution for the medical sector, offering a game-changing approach for medical implants. Let’s explore how we’ve helped expert medical device… Read more »

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ActOn Finishing Offers Mirror Finishing Solution to UK Manufacturing Market by Acquiring the DLyte PRO500

The DLyte PRO500, manufactured by GPAINNOVA, offers exceptional metal surface finishing results with superior speed and efficiency replacing manual finishing. ActOn can now supply this machine or offer a subcontract finishing service. Sid Gulati, Managing Director at ActOn Finishing, states: “We are very pleased with our latest addition to our test lab. We currently manufacture… Read more »

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How does mobile shot blasting compare to other finishing processes?

When it comes to giving your surfaces that perfect finish, traditional methods can often fall short of the mark. That’s where mobile shot blasting can significantly improve your finishing process. In this blog, we’ll outline what the process entails, the benefits of mobile shot blasting and how it stacks up against other finishing processes.  What… Read more »

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Ultrasonic cleaning in the automotive industry

Here at ActOn Finishing, we’re experts in all things ultrasonic cleaning, from how it works, its benefits to our various ultrasonic machines and processes. In this blog, we’re going to be taking a look specifically at how ultrasonic cleaning can be used within the automotive industry for the best results. What is ultrasonic cleaning? Ultrasonic… Read more »

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Centrifugal High Energy Finishing machines and their benefits compared to conventional methods

What is CHEF technology?  Put simply, CHEF technology or a Centrifugal High Energy finishing machine is a 3 or 4 barrelled machine, which uses counter direction to create centrifugal force inside the barrels which is then imparted into the barrels with the help of media, water and compounds.  What are the benefits of Centrifugal High… Read more »

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Subcontracting vs Purchasing Manufacturing Capital Equipment

What to consider when investing in capital equipment for your business? Is subcontracting right for your business? Subcontracting manufacturing capital equipment is great for monitoring business cash flow. At ActOn Finishing we usually charge for subcontracted work to be undertaken per hour or per batch of parts, so the consumer can easily keep track of… Read more »

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines and How They Work with ActOn Finishing

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines and How They Work with ActOn Finishing What is ultrasonic cleaning? How do ultrasonic cleaning machines work and how do you pick the right machine for your business? ActOn Finishing is here to answer all your ultrasonic cleaning questions in our latest blog… What is ultrasonic cleaning?  Put simply, ultrasonic cleaning is… Read more »

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