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We understand the importance of having the right finishing equipment to save you time and money. Often, there are many underlying costs that are not accounted for when trying to work out the true cost of finishing. Find out your true cost of finishing using our cost calculator


We are delighted to announce our partnership with Kennet Equipment Leasing, a specialist finance company who can offer a range of finance options to suit your requirements. Our partnership with Kennet ensures that our customers can acquire new equipment quickly and on terms that best suits their budgets and cash flow.

Key features of leasing include:
  • Leasing is available for equipment purchases – Starting at £1000 + VAT.
  • Terms from 2 - 5 years – Dependent on years of active trading.
  • Tax advantages – Leasing can be offset against Corporation Tax.
  • Fast credit decisions / high acceptances.
  • Existing credit facilities remain unaffected – Eases pressure on cash flow.
  • Kennet pay Acton Finishing directly (upon delivery/installation of the goods).
  • Flexibility - Upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during the term.

Leasing is one of the most popular forms of financing equipment today. To find out more and request a leasing quotation please contact us at


Renting a machine before purchasing can help you find the perfect solution. Renting is also effective during busy periods or while waiting for new equipment to arrive.

Key features of rental include:
  • No upfront or hidden costs.
  • Servicing, parts and labour costs are all included in the rental price
  • Effective during busy periods
  • The machine is fully maintained
  • Machine can be upgraded easily
  • Rental schemes are tax efficient
  • A good option to try the machine before buying

To find out more please contact us at

*Rental options are based on availability of equipment.


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