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Shot Blasting Machines

At our ActOn Finishing we offer a wide range of shot blasting machines to help our customers achieve the surface finish they need every time. Whether you require to descale, remove corrosion, mill scale, paint or rust, achieve a smooth finish, deflash, polish or strengthen the metal we will offer you full support every step of the way.

Our specialists have decades of experience in this field, and are here to offer you a complete ActOn experience. From the free consultation and process trials which will ensure the finishing results are as per your requirements, to finding the right shot blasting machine and abrasive consumables and offering outstanding after-sales services, we will be able to provide you with the right answers and solutions.

Portable Abrasive Blasting Series

ActOn Portable Abrasive Blasting Series is designed to be robust, user friendly and an economical shot blasting machine option. This range is perfect for surface preparation and has been tested by manufacturers from various industries.

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Wet Blasting Cabinets

Our Wet Blasting Cabinets can be used for applications such as deburring, cleaning, polishing and more. This range offers the same results one would get when using abrasive shot blasting media, however the time required is considerably reduced.

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Suction Blast Cabinets

ActOn Suction Blast Cabinets are manufactured to be compact and as an affordable alternative to pressure blast cabinets. The finishing results, that can be achieved using these shot blasting machines, are usually comparable to those produced by pressure systems.

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Pressure Blast Cabinets

The Pressure Blast Cabinets are great for delivering abrasives at higher velocities in comparison with suction systems, maximising production rates. In comparison with suction systems, these shot blasting machines can be four times faster, for most of the applications.

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We pride ourselves on our excellence, and over the years we have successfully demonstrated an ongoing compliance with ISO quality environmental standards.

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