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Plastic Media

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as our ceramic media, ActOn’s range of plastic media has been continuously developed to provide the best possible wear and cutting performance available. At ActOn Finishing, we manufacture Plastic Media in a wide range of shapes, sizes and abrasive grades, to help our customers achieve the optimum surface finish.

Consistent quality from raw material selection to mixing, forming and curing ensures that our plastic media provides a high quality, consistent, and above all, a repeatable surface finish first time, every time.

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ActOn Plastic Media Benefits

  • The light weight and soft bonding agents allow it to wear burrs off without rolling the burr onto the part.
  • Reduces the risk of part damage for components manufactured from softer materials.
  • Excellent for bright and matte surface finish requirements.
  • Perfect for precision finishing of die-cast and delicate parts requiring a smooth surface finish.
  • Media geometry is maintained as it wears, increasing its life-time and retaining its performance.
  • Plastic media does not chip due to the materials used in manufacturing.
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The Way We Manufacture our Plastic Media

The ActOn team works closely with skilled manufacturers from different industries, to develop Plastic Media suitable for their specific requirements. We manufacture our media by mixing an abrasive with a polyester or synthetic based resin fluid, with a catalyst added to harden the matrix.

After, the media is formed into specific shapes and then cured. Finally, the media is pre-conditioned to remove any flash left on the media from the forming process, eliminating debris which could effect components with complex geometries, drilled and tapped features etc.

Acton Plastic Media Grades and Shapes

Grinding Performance
Media Shape Cones, Paracones, Pyramid, Tetra, Tristar, Wedge, Octocone, Button, Angle Cut Triangle
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Quality You Can See

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  • accreditation

We pride ourselves on our excellence, and over the years we have successfully demonstrated an ongoing compliance with ISO quality environmental standards.

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