ActOn Mobile Shot Blasting Room

The ActOn Mobile Blasting Room includes a mobile blast container and the LP2500 unit. The system is fully integrated with a blast vessel, media reclaim system with cyclone and a filter with automatic filter cleaning. The entire unit can be easily transported with standard transportation. After a quick installation, you can start blasting without the need for additional structures.

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Key Features and Benefits of The ActOn Mobile Shot Blasting Room

  • Easily transported with standard transportation.
  • Rapid installation, making immediate blasting possible.
  • The blast room is set up with a flat steel floor, suction pit, PVC protective lining, lighting and air cleaning system. 
  • The walls of the blast room are made of sandwich panels to reduce noise.
  • The cyclone ensures perfect blast media cleaning and a constant operating mixture.
  • The cyclone top is inside lined with wear resistant Linatex.
  • Integrated filter unit with mid pressure ventilator, five filter cartridges and pressure vessel with automatic cartridge cleaning.
  • PLC controlled. 
  • Discover Our Shot Blasting Machines with ActOn Finishing.
  • Discover Our Shot Blasting Machines with ActOn Finishing.
  • Discover Our Shot Blasting Machines with ActOn Finishing.

How it works?

After the system is switched on the blasting can start with a dead man’s switch on the blast nozzle. The pop-up in the blast vessel closes, the dosage valve is opened and the blasting starts.Dust is sucked out of the blast room. After blasting the system is switched to media recuperation. The dust and contamination is removed from the blasting media in the cyclone. Dust is removed in the filter. Dust collection is in a sealed dust bin. The filter is cleaned automatically via reverse air pulses.



Technical Specifications

For further technical specifications on our Mobile Shot Blasting Room please download our brochure.


ActOn Mobile Shot Blasting Room Applications

ActOn ActOn Mobile Shot Blasting Room is typically used for finishing applications such as descaling, removing corrosion, mill scale, paint or rust, achieving a smooth finish, deflashing, cleaning and more.



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