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DLyte Technology

The DLyte polishing machine achieves high quality finishing for machined, sintered and casting parts, obtaining a mirror finish result. The polishing action reaches every corner of the piece, so it can process inner cavities which cannot be accessed mechanically.

Unlike traditional polishing, DLyte® Technology differentiates itself by its ability to preserve the initial shapes, even the cutting edges, and penetrate into all dead zones. It creates homogeneous polishing across the surface, without grinding patterns and has the ability to process complex geometries without leaving micro-scratches on the surface.

Key Feature

  • Maximum size of part to be processed: 180 Ø x 80mm
  • Programmable cycle time
  • Digital interface
  • Quick and easy change of media
  • Anti-vibratory support with wheels for easy handling
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low noise emissions thanks to the acoustic insulation system
  • No dust emission
  • CE certificate

Key Benefits

  • Achieves homogeneous results across the surface and eliminates any micro-scratches
  • Respects the tolerances and preserves the initial shape, even the cutting edges
  • Achieves an Ra under 0,09 micrometres
  • Avoids generating grinding texture patterns
  • Improved resistance to part wear and fracture resistance
  • Improves the bearing ratio and fatigue resistance
  • No contamination and no traces of hydrogen on the surface
  • Controlled costs and predictable lead times

Technical Specifications

For further technical specifications on the DLyte Polishing Machines, please download our brochure.


DLyte Polishing Machine Applications

DLyte allows polishing of Castings, Sintered and CNC parts and is designed to polish components manufactured out of Cobalt Chrome, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloys, Copper Alloys, Titanium and Nitinol.

Here are just a handful of parts that we can help to perfect:

  • HEALTHCARE – Implants, Instruments, Prosthetic Components, Hearing Aid, Needle
  • INDUSTRIAL – Moulds, Dies, Industrial Precision Parts, Cutting Tools, Engine Parts, Watch Case
  • AEROSPACE – Blisks, Stators, Blades, Manifolds, Brackets, Guide Vanes, Bearings, Gears
  • AUTOMOTIVE – Impellers, Shafts, Gears, Bearings, Joint Balls, Fuel Injectors, Brake Parts, Luxury Inserts

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