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Automated Shot Blasting Cabinets and Equipment

ActOn Automated Shot Blasting cabinets and equipment reduce manual handling and ensure a consistent process. Our automated systems are operator friendly, and can be custom built to suit your needs. Whether you require to deburr, descale, remove corrosion, mill scale, paint or rust, achieve a smooth finish, deflash, polish, shot peening or remove powder from components of different sizes we will offer you full support every step of the way.

Automated Systems

Our range of Automated Shot Blasting Cabinets includes:

  • Satellite Blasting Cabinets
  • Drum Blasting Cabinets
  • Transit Blasting Cabinets
  • Turntable Blasting Cabinets
  • Shot Peen Blast Installations
  • Internal Blasting Cabinets
  • Rollers and Tubes Blasting Cabinets

For more information please refer to our Automated Shot Blasting Cabinets brochure.


Key Benefits

  • Programmable recipes.
  • Continuous exchange of parts during the process.
  • Custom built to suit your needs
  • Reduces manual handling
  • Designed and manufactured to ensure process control and repeatability
  • Saves on operating costs
  • Minimum reliance on operators
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased consistency

Technical Specifications

For further technical specifications on our Automated Shot Blasting equipment, please download our brochure.


ActOn Automated Shot Blasting Equipment Finishing Applications

ActOn Automated Shot Blasting Cabinets and equipment is typically used for processes such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Descaling
  • Deburring
  • Roughening
  • Shot peening
  • Remove corrosion, mill scale, paint or rust
  • Achieve a smooth finish
  • Deflash
  • Polish

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