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Vibratory Wheel Polishing Machine

Designed to finish automotive wheels and motor bike wheels with sizes up to 610mm, the vibratory wheel polishing machine is great for grinding, smoothing and polishing processes.

At ActOn Finishing we have developed, in partnership with major manufacturers in the automotive industry, a high quality, repeatable finishing solution to achieve a highly polished finish in just a few hours. Our technical representatives can guide you to find the right media and compound to process your wheels and to achieve the mirror finish in the vibratory wheel polishing machine.

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Key Features

  • Wear resistant polyurethane lining.
  • Stainless steel 90° dosing pump for dosing water and compound.
  • Compact design
  • Speed control (optional).
  • Pneumatic acoustic lid (optional).
  • Polyurethane drain with 2mm hole
  • Discover our Wheel Polishing Machines from ActOn Finishing.
  • Discover our Wheel Polishing Machines from ActOn Finishing.
  • Discover our Wheel Polishing Machines from ActOn Finishing.

Key Benefits

  • Both automotive wheels and motor bike wheels can be finished.
  • Design includes system to clamp wheels with different sizes (up to 610 mm).
  • Great for polishing worn automotive wheels & other parts.
  • Both forged and casted wheels can be processed in the AWP188.
  • Reliable and repeatable finish each time.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Cost and time saving.
  • Proudly manufactured in Great Britain


SeriesModelCapacityOverall dimensions in mm / inchChamber dimension in mm / inch after liningThickness of Polyurethane in mm / inchMax Motor Rating (kW / rpm)
Cu. Ft.LitresLengthWidthHeightWidthHeight
AWP188AWP1886.61881366 / 541050 / 41950 / 37720 / 28475 / 1915 to 25 / 0.6 to 0.92 x 1.1 / 1500*
1. Sizes indicated above are standard. Custom sizes can be manufactured to suit specific applications. Dimensions are subject to change due to design improvements.
2. Please check our Wheel Polishing Machine technical flyer for further technical information.
* Max motor power of 3000 rpm option also available.

Vibratory Wheel Polishing Machine Applications

To achieve a highly polished finish wheels can go through 3 processing steps:

  • Step 1: Cut down
  • Step 2: Smoothing
  • Step 3: Polishing

However, depending on the initial surface condition some wheels may only require the last 2 stages.


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