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The Mass Finishing Process – your top 8 questions answered

We’ve taken the 8 most asked questions relating to Mass Finishing, to tell you exactly what you need to know, including how to incorporate Mass Finishing into your operations and how to use Mass Finishing to obtain optimum results. 1. What is Mass Finishing? Mass Finishing is a process that automates the mechanical and chemical… Read more »

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3 simple ways to avoid replacing your vibratory tumbler bowl work chamber

ActOn mass finishing machines are known for being high-quality, British built machines with a long working life. However, to ensure you get the most out of your machine, consider the following to give your machine the best chance of a long and healthy life: 1. Conduct regular inspections It’s important to regularly inspect the work… Read more »

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How to achieve optimal results when surface finishing polymer 3D printed parts

In order to improve the appearance, surface roughness and mechanical properties of polymer 3D printed parts, post surface processing remains an important factor. To help you achieve this, our range of technologies are available as standalone machines or can be integrated as fully automatic systems. Wondering what is involved in processing 3D printed polymers? We’ve… Read more »

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How to find the right consumable for your mass finishing process

With such a wide range of media types and compounds, it can feel overwhelming when trying to choose the right consumable for your mass finishing process. Using the correct machinery, media and compounds is key to achieving the optimum surface finish. Combined correctly, the media and compound allow you to achieve consistent and repeatable surface… Read more »

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Discover our 7 steps to setting up a vibratory finishing process

To identify the right finishing process for your part, we recommend running finishing trials. This will determine the correct media, compound, vibratory finishing machine and other process parameters which will ensure repeatability in results.  To help you run a successful trial, we’ve put together seven simple steps:  STEP 1: Gather information regarding your part The… Read more »

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ActOn Shot Blasting Systems Designed for Rapid, Repeatable and Efficient Blasting Results

ActOn Shot Blasting Systems The ActOn offering includes a range of portable, economical, premium and automated shot blasting systems. These blast cabinets are designed for blasters who require rapid, repeatable and efficient blasting results, a process free of interruption and a shot blasting machine with a solid construction. More over all components are assembled, according… Read more »

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Affordable surface finishing solutions guaranteed to save you time and money

Just by moving from manual finishing to vibratory finishing you will be able to cut costs and reduce delays by decreasing processing times. Vibratory finishing not only produces a consistent finish (eliminating the need to waste time on reworks) but also saves you money by avoiding high part reject rates. To help you find the… Read more »

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Discover how an ActOn Finishing free trial improves your process development

We’ve taken a closer look at the process of a free trial with ActOn Finishing, to discover how it can improve your process development, reduce costs and improve finishing quality. Establishing a repeatable solution  Each trial and technical consultation at ActOn Finishing is customised to customer requirements. To begin, we’ll ask you to complete a… Read more »

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