Consumables for Water Treatment Systems

ActOn’s effective water treatment systems are a combination of equipment technology (ActOn Centrifuge System) and water cleaning products (flocculants and coagulants). The process of wet mass finishing generates a discharge of the processing liquid, which comprises of the metal fines, abrasives, compound and in some instances, oil due to the condition of the parts. ActOn flocculants and coagulants are used to separate suspended solids from the effluent before being discharged into the drain.

ActOn Flocculants

Flocculation is the formation of larger flocs using high molecular weight polymers. These products help to bridge, bind and strengthen the pin flocs formed, adding weight and increasing settling rate. Once the floc has reached its optimum size and strength, the water is ready for sedimentation.

It is important not to over-mix the flocculent with the water as once the flocs formed are torn apart, it is not possible to get them to reform without the addition of more flocculent.


ActOn Coagulants

Coagulants are added into the solution to neutralise the negative charges on non-settable solids. The coagulants have an opposite charge to the suspended solids. Once the charge is neutralised, the small suspended particles are capable of sticking together. These slightly larger particles are called pin flocs. Water surrounding the newly formed pin flocs should be clear. If not, coagulation and some of the particle’s charge have not been neutralised. More coagulant chemicals may need to be added.


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