3 Reasons Why Effluent Treatment Is Important

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Wondering why you might need a waste water treatment system? We explore the top 3 benefits for your business in our latest blog.

Wondering why effluent treatment - and especially waste water treatment - is so important? We take a closer look at the benefits to both your business and the environment in having a water treatment system in place.

When undertaking wet mass finishing, it generates a discharge of the processing liquid, made up of the metal fines, abrasives, compound and in some instances oil due to the condition of the parts.

There are various ways you can dispose of this liquid, but at ActOn Finishing we’ve always recommended investing in a suitable effluent treatment system for three key reasons.


Wondering why water treatment - and especially waste water treatment - is important?
1 – It’s environmentally friendly

Having a waste water treatment system in place in your manufacturing business is a responsible, eco-friendly measure. It allows you to recycle processed water and compound in an environmentally friendly way that helps reduce water pollution.

Wondering why water treatment - and especially waste water treatment - is important?
2 – It’s cost effective

Recycling waste water saves you money as using one turnkey system reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption. With the right system in place, the treated effluent can be automatically either recirculated or discharged straight to the drain, protecting you against any potential fines for contamination.

Wondering why water treatment - and especially waste water treatment - is important?
3 – They’re easy to use

Most water treatment systems (including the ones available from ActOn Finishing) are user-friendly and need minimum supervision to run due to having auto functionality. They also need low maintenance with easy to access chambers for cleaning.

At ActOn Finishing, we develop and supply a variety of water treatment products such as the Batch and Automatic Centrifuge, Paper Band Filter, Settlement Tanks With or Without Pumps and consumables for effluent treatment. Moreover all our effluent treatment systems are proudly manufactured in Britain.

Our treatment solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements and with years of industry expertise, our knowledgeable team can advise on the best system for your business to use.

Find out more details explore our water treatment systems or get in touch to see how we could help your business.

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