Installation & Training

Our highly skilled and experienced service engineers ensure that your machines are installed correctly and safely. We also offer a service to train your operators and maintenance team.

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Acton Finishing Service

Spare Parts Service

We maintain a complete inventory of spare parts to ensure that you do not lose production time. We offer to install your spare parts or deliver it to your location.

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Acton Finishing Service

Maintenance Contracts

We provide maintenance contracts which ensure your equipment is being inspected and maintained by experienced engineers, thus avoiding future major refurbishment requirements.

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Acton Finishing Service

Professional Advice

Our specialists with decades of experience in this field are available to answer your specific questions in surface finishing. From finding the right size and shape of media to developing a unique separation system for your parts, we will be able to provide you with the right answers and solutions.

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Acton Finishing Service

Quality You Can See

We pride ourselves on our excellence, and over the years we have successfully demonstrated an ongoing compliance with ISO quality environmental standards.

Believe in British

Made in Britain

We’re proud members of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign.

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