We’re the UK’s leading experts in designing and developing machinery and consumables for mass finishing applications.
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Additive Manufacturing

In order to improve the appearance, surface roughness and mechanical properties of additive manufactured parts, post processing remains an important factor. Find out which of our surface finishing technology works best for your 3D printed parts.

Surface Finishing Metals Surface Finishing Polymers


Having always clean and polished silverware and tableware will contribute to your restaurant’s image & reputation and will give a sense of luxurious experience to your customers. To help you achieve this we have developed a range of high quality finishing solutions which have benefited the industry by reducing cost and producing a repeatable and quality product.



ActOn finishing solutions have benefited the automotive industry by reducing processing times and producing a repeatable and quality product. These are ideal for high volume production, can be easily automated and ensure that the components’ geometry is integral.



We understand the importance of surface finishing for medical implants and instruments, and have worked closely with major manufacturers in the medical industry to adapt and develop finishing solutions that meet their stringent requirements.



We are leading surface finishing partners to first tier suppliers, MRO and OEM engine manufacturers. At ActOn Finishing we have designed mass finishing and shot blasting solutions, based on the industry requirements, for aerospace engines and other aircraft components.


Coin Blanking

ActOn’s finishing equipment and consumables have been well adapted and accepted by global coin blanking market leaders worldwide. From cleaning of coin blanks ready for striking, surface finishing before and after plating, deburring, cleaning and burnishing before and after the annealing process to burnishing of silver and gold bars we have a finishing solution for all your requirements.


Forgings and Casting

Generally, forgings and castings tend to have a rough surface finish and a dull appearance. Manual finishing is time consuming and does not deliver consistent results. We recommend using vibratory finishing or high energy finishing machines to achieve a consistent smooth surface and a polished finish in a short period of time.



We understand the importance of high quality polished jewellery in the fashion industry, and we work closely with our customers to adapt and develop finishing solutions that meet their stringent requirements. Find out which of our surface finishing technology works best for your jewellery.


General Engineering

Whether you need to remove oxides and polish copper tubes, remove graphite from brass stampings, remove stains and mirror finish diamond cutters or polish scissor blades, we have the right mass finishing solution for you.


Quality You Can See

We pride ourselves on our excellence, and over the years we have successfully demonstrated an ongoing compliance with ISO quality environmental standards.

Believe in British

We’re proud members of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign.

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