NF Sandblasting Cabinets

The NF range includes the NF-MI9 and NF-MP9 sandblasting cabinets, specifically built for effortlessly sandblasting small components, for industries like aerospace, maintenance and more. While the NF-MI9 cabinet has been designed for suction blasting, the NF-MP9 cabinet is perfect for pressure blasting applications.

The versatile design permits both standing and sitting sandblasting, contingent on the model chosen. Additionally, the height is adjustable to cater to individuals of varying statures.


Key Benefits and Features

  • Ergonomic working height.
  • Cabinet is assembled into one compact unit.
  • Cabinet and the filter unit are equipped with wheels for easy repositioning.
  • Doors with safety switches.
  • Cyclone ensures perfect blast media cleaning and a constant operating mixture.
  • Fully automatic cleaning of filters.
  • Blast process stops immediately after the foot pedal is released.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Perfect for small parts.
  • Easy load and unload.
  • Easy to use and low maintenance costs.
  • Reliable and repeatable finish each time.
  • NF Sandblasting Cabinets are designed for effortlessly finishing small components

How it works?

The NF sandblasting cabinets have been designed to be easy to use:

  • Component is placed in the cabinet through the left or right access door.
  • The cabinet is moved to the proper working height.
  • After closing the doors and adjusting of the blast pressure the foot pedal is operated.
  • Exhaust fan and filter cleaning are started automatically.

For more information on how to operate the NF-MI9 and NF-MP9 sandblasting cabinets, please check our Shot Blasting brochure.


Technical Specifications

For further technical specifications on the NF Sandblasting Cabinets please download our brochure.


NF Sandblasting Cabinets Applications


These sandblasting cabinets are suitable for finishing with all common abrasives such as corundum, glass beads, ceramics, nut shells, plastic and fine grain sizes of stainless steel and steel. Some of the finishing applications that can be achieved in the NF cabinets with this kind of media include removing rust, paint or residues from corrosion and eliminating scratches or casting marks. 



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