Pastes, Abrasive Powders and Compounds

As well as a comprehensive range of liquid compounds, ActOn Finishing offers a full range of Pastes, Abrasive Powders and Compounds. These are used for grinding, cleaning and polishing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials for vibratory and high energy finishing machines.

Abrasive Powders and Compounds for Special Processes

At ActOn we have developed a range of specialist compounds that achieve high specification surface finishes:

  • Turbocut: a neutral special compound ideal for harden steel, great for rapid removal of surface defects on ferrous parts. The result is a smooth surface ready for post processing applications such as plating or painting.
  • Chemcut: used for removing of grinding, linishing and machine marks. We recommend it for finishing parts made out of steel, hardened steel and certain stainless steels, as it gives rapid metal cut-down and levelling. Produces a super smooth surface, ready for polishing and elector-plating if required.

Finishing Compounds for Special Processes

At ActOn we have developed a range of specialist compounds that achieve high specification surface finishes:

  • ActoGrind: an abrasive paste used in vibratory finishing machines for removal of machining or grinding lines on ferrous & non-ferrous parts. Applications include polishing, descaling, de- rusting & removing light heat treatment marks.
  • Separating Compound: keeps flat parts from sticking to each other in wet finishing processes. It is used in all types of vibratory and barrel finishing machines with all types of metals.

Technical Specifications

Compound NameDescriptionpH
A0An aggressive, coarse, concentrated, abrasive compound, used on harder metals for grinding, radiusing and the removal of heavy machine marks and burrs. Used with an abrasive media, it leaves the surface of parts with a shot-blast appearance.9-10
A1A fast-cutting compound for heavy deburring and, combined with cleaning agents, it is mainly used for ferrous components, brass cuttings and pressings. Leaves the surface with a matte finish.11-12
A2A medium, abrasive compound that is combined with cleaning agents.11-12
A3A light deburring compound combined with cleaning agents for fine surface finishing of all materials, but mainly used on soft metals like zinc, brass or aluminium. It can also be used to bring back the surface on ceramic media which is contaminated.10-11
A7It is a light grinding compound for cutting down and polishing that contains an extremely fine abrasive, which during the process breaks down into a slurry. This assists the polishing ingredients to impart a polished surface.9-10
35FThis is used for the cutting and polishing of non-ferrous metals and contains a soft abrasive with polishing agents.5-6
P6It is used for polishing copper and its alloys with non-abrasive media. A silky foam lather is built which enhances the polishing process.9-10
P51A polishing compound for aluminium with extra brightening and polishing agents giving superb results. Mainly used with steel media or plastic media to give a semi polished matte finish.9-10
P71It produces a clean, bright lustre and keeps the metal in solution allowing the process to continue for long periods. This is suitable for zinc and zinc alloys. Mainly used with non-abrasive media.9-10
C1Used to remove grease, oils and lubricating fluids leaving metal components clean and ready for further processes.12-13
C4Used for cleaning of ferrous components and can be used with all types of media.12-13
C5It keeps processes free of grease and oil. Good rust inhibitor. Mainly used on ferrous components.12-13
C6Cleaning compound with brightening and is used on ferrous components to give a clean bright surface finish. It contains a strong rust inhibitor. Abrasive and polishing media can be used with C6 compound.11-12
ActoClean BT (C7)Used mainly on ferrous components to give a clean surface finish. It contains strong rust inhibitor.11-12
C50Suitable for processing all metals. Copes with all types of oily and greasy components. Contains corrosion inhibitor and can be used with all types of media.10-11


For further technical specifications and more information on our range of Abrasive Powders and Compounds, please download our brochure.


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