ActOn Abrasive Blasting Media: Everything You Need to Know

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Discover why selecting the right abrasive blasting media is essential to achieve the required finish, including media type, shape, size, density, and hardness.

ActOn offers a wide range of Abrasive Consumables for shot blasting and peening processes. Selecting the right abrasive blasting media is essential and depends upon the condition of the material before blasting and the finish required after blasting.

To achieve the required finish, it is important to consider the abrasive blasting media type, shape, size, density, and hardness. Our specialist with decades of experience in this field are always available to help you choose the right Abrasive Consumables for your process requirement.

 ActOn Abrasive Blasting Media Range

Aluminium Oxide

An aggressive and tough media suitable for different applications such as general blasting, surface finishing, grinding, polishing, matte finishing and edge rounding. It is also used for cleaning and preparing the component surface prior to plaiting or painting. Aluminium oxide is a durable abrasive media which can be recycled a number of times, making it a cost effective solution.

Aluminium Oxide is much lighter than other abrasive blasting medias, thus minimising the possibility of parts made out of thin materials being damaged in the finishing process. Nonetheless, Aluminium Oxide has the properties which allow this media to deburr parts made from hard metals and sintered carbide.

Glass Beads

Glass beads are great for obtaining a clean, smooth, bright or satin finish. This media is a cost effective solution as it can be recycled. Glass beads are mainly used in the shot blasting cabinets

Metallic Abrasive Blasting Media

ActOn metallic blasting media range includes steel shot, steel grit, chilled iron grit and cut wire shot.

  • Steel shot is mainly used for cleaning, stripping, smoothing, polishing and improving a metal surface.
  • Steel grit is an aggressive blasting media, great for removing any contamination from steel and foundry metals. it is also used to obtain an etched surface finish on components manufactured out of hard metals. Using steel grit will enable better adhesion of coatings.
  • Chilled iron grit is recommended for quick cleaning, etching and roughening up hard surfaces. As it is a hard abrasive media it can wear down quickly. For this reason, it is more suitable for blasting rooms.
  • Cut wire shot is available in stainless steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and nickel version. This media can be used for peening, cleaning and vibratory finishing.

Plastic Blast Media

ActOn plastic blast media is recommended for paint and coatings stripping from components manufactured out of soft metals, plastic and composites. This abrasive blasting media is widely used in aerospace and automotive industry for blasting applications.

Silicon Carbides

Silicon carbide is the most aggressive and tough media recommended for general blasting, glass and stone etching, aggressive deburring, scale removal and smoothing components’ edges.

ActOn silicon carbide is a very fast cut media and due to its hardness, it takes less time to process the components in comparison to other blasting medias. Hence this media can be reused for a longer period of time, making it also a cost effective product.

Walnut Shell

Walnut shell is great for removing coatings, cleaning, deburring and deflashing. This media is hard and fibrous and it is known as ‘soft abrasive’. Being extremely durable it can be reused in all types of blasting equipment.

ActOn walnut shell is bovine free.

Brown, Pink & White Alumina

We recommend using ActOn Alumina media for corrosion removal, cleaning, etching and decorating.

  • Brown Alumina is a fast cutting and tough media and it is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industry.
  • White Alumina is ideal for processes where no contamination is allowed and it is used for finishing materials such as titanium, stainless steel, crystal glassware.
  • Pink Alumina is tougher than the white one and it can be used both in wet and dry blasting processes. Applications include removal of scale, paint, rust, hard deposits, cleaning, matte finishing, decorative finishing and glass frosting.

Ceramic Beads

Ceramic beads can be used to process steel, aluminium, and non-ferrous alloys. Applications include cleaning, smoothing, satin finishing, removal of coatings, rust and oxides and deburring. This is a tough media that can be used both in the air and wet blasting process.


ActOn abrasive consumables are widely used in different industries such as defence, aerospace, automotive, general engineering, construction, rail and many more. Blasting media can be used to process both metals and softer materials such as plastics and wood.

Bright matte finish Deburring
Dull matte finish De-flashing
Satin finish Paint and coating removal
Satin luster finish Peening
Blending of tool marks Pre-paint and coating adhesion
Removal of weld discoloration Heat treat, mill scale removal
Surface cleaning Weld splatter removal
Glass frosting and etching Thermal metal spray prep
Pre-plate and anodize finished Rust removal
Mold cleaning

 Quality Standards

Using ActOn abrasive consumables you can achieve the desired Sa standards to ensure that the part’s surface is cleaned to the required specification:

  • Light blast cleaning
  • Thorough blast cleaning
  • Very thorough blast cleaning
  • Blast cleaning to visual clean steel

For further technical information about ActOn Abrasive Blasting Media please get in touch with a member of the ActOn technical team today:

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