How to achieve a mirror polish finish using dry media

How to achieve a mirror polish finish using dry media

We understand the importance for high-quality, polished components in various industries.

For example, a mirror polish finish can help increase the value of a piece of jewellery, contribute to an automotive supplier’s reputation or give a sense of luxury for a hospitality business.

However achieving a high luster finish is a specialist process and needs specific polishing consumables and finishing machinery. We’ve taken a closer look at two ways you can achieve a mirror polish finish…

Mirror polish finish

1) Centrifugal High Energy Technology and Pre-treated Agro Media

One way we achieve a mirror finish at ActOn Finishing is using pre-treated consumables in our Centrifugal High Energy Machine. The results via Centrifugal High Energy Finishing cannot be achieved in a standard vibratory process.

For a high-end polish, we use a range of Agro finishing media, manufactured from corn cob (Maizorb) and Walnut Shell. When supplied pre-treated with dry compounds, they achieve a fine, smooth, high-end polish with a bright luster on a wide range of materials.

Pre-treated Walnut Shell is particularly effective in producing a high luster on components requiring a high-quality aesthetic finish, such as jewellery. It is also excellent for the cleaning and polishing of heat-treated parts such as surgical components and implants.

Mirror polish finish
2) DLyte dry electro-polishing technology

Another method in achieving a mirror polish finish is by using DLyte dry electro-polishing technology, which offers high quality results for machined, sintered and casting parts.

In comparison to traditional polishing, DLyte’s polishing process reaches every corner of the machine creating a homogeneous finish across the surface without any grinding patterns. It also has the ability to process complex geometries without leaving micro-scratches on the surface.

Mirror polish finish

Achieve a mirror polish finish

To discover how we could help you achieve a superior mirror polish finish, using ActOn surface finishing technology, talk to one of our experts today.

Mirror polish finish


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