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3 Reasons Why Water Treatment Is Important

When undertaking wet mass finishing, it generates a discharge of the processing liquid, made up of the metal fines, abrasives, compound and in some instances oil due to the condition of the parts. There are various ways you can dispose of this liquid, but at ActOn Finishing we’ve always recommended investing in a suitable waste… Read more »

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Case Study: Tumbling Brass Stampings with Polishing Media to Achieve a Clean and Polished Finish

Why you should switch to a wet tumbling process? When cleaning and polishing brass stampings with corn cob or walnut shell in a vibratory tumbler, you can face a range of issues. From long processing times (sometimes up to 8 hours, depending on the part initial condition) to having to carry out rework and not… Read more »

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3 ways subcontracting helps manufacturing when Coronavirus impacts your business

We’ve taken a closer look at three key ways using subcontractors such as ActOn Finishing, can help you not only save time and money during this difficult period, but also ensure you’re able to keep production going on. 1. Keep overheads low In a time when you need to be flexible, using subcontractors will allow… Read more »

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Case Study: Dry Tumbling Application to Mirror Finish Titanium Part

Project Background   One of our clients, who is a major manufacturer in the medical industry, has approached us to find a mass finishing solution to mirror polish titanium components and achieve an Ra of 0.079 μm. At the start of this project, the customer was finishing the parts manually, which was proving to be… Read more »

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4 Reasons Why You Should Support Manufacturing in the UK

We take a closer look at the benefits to you and your business… 1. You’ll be supporting the local economy Being accepted as a member of Made in Britain recognises that we’ve demonstrated a commitment to the on-gong training and development of our staff. By supporting a UK-based manufacturing business, you’re helping to support the… Read more »

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ActOn Finishing Partners with GPAINNOVA as UK Distributor for DLyte Technology

DLyte Technology The DLyte machine combines grinding and polishing in a one-step process to produce smooth and shiny finished parts. It is used for metal parts which require high performance or superior finishes, including steel and stainless-steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, nickel and other common metal alloys. DLyte technology is the first dry electropolishing system of… Read more »

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Case Study: How to Polish Alloy Wheels to a Bright Finish

Most of the online tutorials show you how to manual polish wheels. This includes in general going through many steps such as cleaning the rims, prepping and sanding the surface, buffing the rims with different wheels, manually polishing and in some cases coating. As the automotive industry is rapidly evolving towards more efficient vehicles where… Read more »

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Case Study: Achieving a Mirror Polish on Stainless-Steel Jewellery

Project Background   Client approached ActOn team to develop a cost-effective process to achieve a mirror polish finish on stainless steel jewellery. The finishing process also implied barrelling 300 pieces per batch.   How we achieved the mirror polish on the stainless-steel jewellery   From the start of this project we ruled out vibratory finishing,… Read more »

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