Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution

At ActOn Finishing we offer a range of Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions developed for your finishing requirements. Our R&D department has developed specially formulated and environmentally friendly solutions that suit customers’ requirements. We are continuously focused on improving our existing compounds and creating new ones.


Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution Range

Depending on the finishing application, the grime, and material to be cleaned, we can recommend a range of ultrasonic cleaner solutions, such as:

  • Alkaline compounds
  • Acid compounds
  • Stripping compounds
  • Detergents compounds
  • Surfactants compounds
  • Neutral compounds
  • Find out more about our range of Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution developed for specific finishing requirements. Check our range here

Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution Applications

There’s a wide range of applications which can be covered by ActOn solutions: cleaning, degreasing, descaling limescale, rust removing, stripping; remove oils and dirt deposits, removing paint, primers, inks, synthetic resins and enamels, etc and part material.



Technical Specifications

Compound NameDescriptionMaterial
Ultrasonic 6An ultrasonic solution made for degreasing applications. Ink and light acrylic paint stripping. Ideal to remove grease and oils from any type of surface.All kinds of surface
Ultrasonic 7Cleaning and descaling of cinders. To achieve these results, this product must be used in combination with Ultrasonic-AIron, steel & aluminium
Ultrasonic MPVery powerful degreaser indicated to remove oils and animal and vegetable fat. Indicated as a degreasing detergent for food circuits, pasteurisers and recirculation cleaning systems.Iron, steel
AliquatIt is a moderately acid product to be used in integral cleaning by contact of surfaces and utensils that have been strongly contaminated in the food industry, hotel business, large communities and areas, and institutional hygiene, where the lime tanks must also be descaled due to the hardness of the water.Plastics
Ultrasonic 250Removes tough dirt and all kinds of lime build-up. Very useful for applications where accumulated rust and dirt cause a problem for the use of metallic parts and machinery.Ferrous materials
Ultrasonic 2513Detergent specially formulated to be used as stripping of weld debris in aluminum parts by immersion.Aluminum
Ultrasonic 550It is a high performance acid detergent that cleans and descales all types of calcareous incrustations.Iron
Ultrasonic 350Detergent for cleaning and stripping of welds, austere ferritic and austenitic stainless steels, pickling local fast for all tanks, austenitic stainless steels and appliances, mechanical welded equipment and TIG/MIG welding. Used by immersion in ultrasonic cleaning. machinesStainless steels
Ultrasonic 51When warm, it has unique stripping properties for synthetic resins, primers, baked paints, powder paints, water-based paints and very resistant cataphoretic paints in short times.Aluminium
Ultrasonic 53Hot steel stripper (between 80 - 90ºC) to strip synthetic resins, primers, baked paints, powder paints, water-based paints and even cataphoretic and anaphoretic dip paints in short times. It does not cause vapour formation problemsAluminium
Ultrasonic ElectroA dielectric detergent to clean electronic cards, engines and electric parts. Removes encrusted grease sediments, oils or all kinds of dirt difficult to remove, preventing it from setting on clean parts again.Electronic boards
Ultrasonic MixProduct specially formulated to be used as an active detergent for the cleaning of tools by immersion in ultrasonic cleaning machines. It is used as an enhancement product to increase the cavitation power of acidic products and alkaline products.Most materials and metals
Ultrasonic TensoNeutral detergent and cleaning additive. It is used as a product enhancer to increase the cavitation strength of acid and alkaline products used in ultrasonic cleaning. Indicated to remove encrusted sediments on grease, oils and any type of tough dirtAll materials
AntiespumanteIt is a concentrated antifoam based on silicones that quickly eliminates all type of foams due to the aeration of dissolution systems of all types of surfactants and organic processes. For all types of systems and conductions where the elimination and control of foams is required, indicated for use as a foam controller in the cleaning of circuits with recirculation and biological and organic
purification systems.
All materials
AntioxidanteIt can be used on grinders, sharpeners and all kinds of machining. Suitable for cases where a passivating acid bath and metal protection are required, and especially for ferrous materialsIron
Ultrasonic 70High performance degreasing cleaner for cleaning hot inks by immersion in ultrasonic machine. Exempt from caustic alkalis, solvents and petroleum distillates. Removes both water based and solvent-based inks on all types of hard surfacesAll types of metals
Ultrasonic HidroIt is a water displacing fluid, to be used in deoxidised processes, paint stripping, etc., as a fast water removal agent on metal surfaces. It gives the surface a light protective film suitable for long-term protection, both in storage and transportAll materials
AdisecProduct indicated to lower the superficial tension of the water during cleaning processesAll materials
Ultrasonic AAdditive agent for degreasing solutionsMost materials
and metals


For further technical specifications and more information on our range of Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions, please download our brochure.


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