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Ceramic Media

At ActOn Finishing we manufacture Ceramic Media in a wide range of shapes, sizes and abrasive grades, to help our customers to achieve the most optimum finishing results. This type of media is generally used for applications such as deburring, radiusing, grinding, surface finishing and polishing.

We recommend ActOn Ceramic Media for processing components made out of harder materials.

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ActOn Ceramic Media Benefits

  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making it possible to process parts with holes, slots and corners or components that have hard to reach areas.
  • Ceramic media comes in different abrasive grades, from a super finishing ceramic media to a non-abrasive, polishing ceramic media.
  • ActOn ceramic media has a high strength and long wearability.
  • Our ceramic media goes hand-in-hand with ActOn’s compounds.
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The Way We Manufacture our Ceramic Media

Our R&D department works closely with skilled manufacturers, to develop Ceramic Media suitable for the requirements of different industries. We manufacture our media using a mix of an abrasive with a ceramic matrix in a wet state, which is extruded through various shaped dies and cut into small pieces. We then fire the media at high temperature and we tumble it to remove any flash. We control the abrasiveness of the media through the quantity of the abrasive used in the mix and the temperature we fire the media.

ActOn Ceramic Media Grades and Shapes

Media Grade P RP1 ST1 CFB CC1 CC4 CC8 SFB SFC
Grinding Performance graph
Shapes we manufacture
Angle Cut Triangle
Straight Cut Triangle
Angle Cut Cylinder
Straight Cut Cylinder
Angle Cut Tristar
Angle Cut Ellipse
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Quality You Can See

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  • accreditation

We pride ourselves on our excellence, and over the years we have successfully demonstrated an ongoing compliance with ISO quality environmental standards.

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