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Shot Blasting Media

ActOn Finishing, offer a wide range of shot blasting media and peening media, meeting both commercial and aerospace specifications for both cleaning and shot peening.

Selecting the right abrasive media is essential and depends upon the condition of the material before shot blasting / shot peening and the finish required after blasting / peening. It is important to consider the abrasive blasting media type, shape, size, density and hardness in order to achieve the required finish.

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Metallic Shot Blasting Media

  • High carbon cast steel shot: available in a range of different hardness, this is the metallic medium most used for recirculatory blasting in both airless and pressure blasting equipment.
  • Low carbon cast steel shot: a softer shot than high carbon being suitable for all but the most severe applications. This material imparts a brighter finish with the benefits of longer life and reduced wear on the equipment in which it is used.
  • Chilled iron grit: a very hard material with sufficient mass to enable it to impart very coarse surface profiles and rapid removal of surface contamination.
  • High carbon steel grit: available in different levels hardness to provide an efficient cutting action allied with longer life and less machine wear than chilled iron grit.
  • Cut wire shot: the pellets are extremely aggressive being denser than conventional shot and are also of uniform size rather than a range of sizes within a given grade. The spherical version is the ultimate high quality, high intensity peening medium.
  • Stainless steel shot: a relatively soft peening medium possessing the impact energy of a metallic media without imparting ferrous contamination. Stainless steel shot provides a lustrous bright finish to the workpiece.

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Aluminum Oxide

An aggressive and tough media suitable for different applications such as general blasting, surface finishing, grinding, polishing, matte finishing, edge rounding and cleaning and preparing the component surface prior to plaiting or painting. Aluminium Oxide is a durable and cost-effective abrasive media, which can be recycled a number of times.

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ActOn Finishing Aluminium Oxide

Plastic Blast Media

We recommend ActOn Plastic Shot Blasting Media for paint and coatings stripping from components manufactured out of soft metals, plastic and composites. This abrasive blasting media is widely used in aerospace and automotive industry for blasting applications.

  • Type II urea formaldehyde: the most widely used plastic, can be used on soft metals, some composites and steel. An ideal cost-effective alternative to chemical stripping.
  • Type III melamine: melamine the most aggressive and hardest available plastic, can be used on most surfaces where fast stripping rates are required.
  • Type V acrylic: acrylic is the softest and least aggressive plastic, being used in the aerospace industry to remove various types of coatings.

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ActOn Plastic Blast Media

Silicon Carbides

A very fast cut and aggressive shot blasting media, recommended for aggressive deburring, scale removal, smoothing part’s edges, general blasting and stone & glass etching.

Benefits of ActOn Silicone Carbide include:

  • A shorter time to process parts in comparison with other blasting / peening media.
  • Can be reused for a longer period of time, thus making this media cost effective.

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ActOn Finishing Silicone Carbides

Glass and Ceramic Beads

Glass Beads are great for obtaining a clean, smooth, bright or satin finish. This media is a cost- effective solution as it can be recycled. Glass beads are mainly used in the shot blasting cabinets.

ActOn Ceramic Beads are great for processing steel, aluminium and non-ferrous alloys. Applications include cleaning, smoothing, satin finishing, removal of coatings, rust and oxides and deburring. This is a tough media that can be used both in the air and wet blasting process.

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ActOn Finishing Ceramic Beads and Glass Beads

Brown, Pink and White Alumina

ActOn Alumina range includes:

  • Brown Alumina: a fast cutting and tough media, widely used in the aerospace and automotive industry.
  • White Alumina: ideal for processes where no contamination is allowed. This media is generally used for finishing materials such as titanium, stainless steel, crystal glassware.
  • Pink Alumina: tougher than the White Alumina, can be used both in wet and dry blasting processes. Applications include removal of scale, paint, rust, hard deposits, cleaning, matte finishing, decorative finishing and glass frosting.

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ActOn Finishing Alumina

Walnut Shell

Walnut Shell is excellent for removing coatings, cleaning, deburring and de-flashing. This shot blasting media is hard and fibrous and it is known as ‘soft abrasive’. Being extremely durable it can be reused in all types of blasting equipment.

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ActOn Finishing Walnut Shell for Shot Blasting

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