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How does mobile shot blasting compare to other finishing processes?

When it comes to giving your surfaces that perfect finish, traditional methods can often fall short of the mark. That’s where mobile shot blasting can significantly improve your finishing process. In this blog, we’ll outline what the process entails, the benefits of mobile shot blasting and how it stacks up against other finishing processes.  What… Read more »

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Centrifugal High Energy Finishing machines and their benefits compared to conventional methods

What is CHEF technology?  Put simply, CHEF technology or a Centrifugal High Energy finishing machine is a 3 or 4 barrelled machine, which uses counter direction to create centrifugal force inside the barrels which is then imparted into the barrels with the help of media, water and compounds.  What are the benefits of Centrifugal High… Read more »

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Subcontracting vs Purchasing Manufacturing Capital Equipment

What to consider when investing in capital equipment for your business? Is subcontracting right for your business? Subcontracting manufacturing capital equipment is great for monitoring business cash flow. At ActOn Finishing we usually charge for subcontracted work to be undertaken per hour or per batch of parts, so the consumer can easily keep track of… Read more »

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How to know which surface finishing method is right for you

When it comes to finishing your parts, surface finishing is a crucial end process. But with so many surface finishing technologies and methods to choose from, and the different surface finish and flatness achievable depending on the method you choose, it’s important to choose the right one.  In this blog we explore the different types… Read more »

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Understanding what surface finishing is and its importance

In this blog we explore what surface finishing is, its importance and how to measure it effectively, so you can feel confident you’re choosing the right surface finishing standards for your parts.   What Is Surface Finishing? Surface finishing in simple terms is a process used to alter a metal’s surface by adding, removing or… Read more »

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How to know what type of vibratory finishing machine you really need

As the UK’s leading experts in redefining surface finishing and developing machinery for mass finishing applications, we recognise it might be challenging to get to grips with which vibratory finishing machine is most suitable for your needs. To help you establish what type and size of vibratory finishing machine is best for your part, we’ve… Read more »

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Are you using the right mass finishing media?

So, are you using the right mass finishing media? We’ve shared our knowledge and insight to provide you with everything you need to know to ensure you achieve the optimum results in the most cost-effective way. How can you achieve your required surface finish? The recipe to achieve the required surface finish involves using the… Read more »

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Why is surface finishing for medical implants and instruments so important?

Surface finishing has always been viewed as a process by-product rather than a design feature in metal additive manufacturing, particularly in the healthcare sector. This blog will delve into the importance of surface finishing for medical implants and instruments to create an understanding of the finishing requirements within the medical industry.  Why is surface finishing… Read more »

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