ActOn Finishing to Showcase the Latest Surface Finishing Technology at MACH Exhibition

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This year ActOn Finishing is proud to showcase at MACH their latest and complete surface finishing technology

UK leader in surface finishing, ActOn Finishing is happy to announce their presence at MACH Exhibition, between the 15th and 19th of April, at NEC Birmingham. Their stand will showcase the latest in surface finishing technology, including the new AWB wet blasting cabinet and one of the fastest finishing machines on the market, the CHE50.

With a legacy dating back to 1965, ActOn Finishing has emerged as a prominent family business dedicated to delivering exceptional surface finishing technology and services. Throughout our journey, we have focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-standard solutions for surface finishing, shot blasting, waste water treatment and ultrasonic cleaning. ActOn’s comprehensive end-to-end offerings cater to a diverse range of industries, providing them with reliable and efficient solutions to meet their unique needs.


This year ActOn Finishing is proud to showcase at MACH their latest and complete surface finishing technology

Surface Finishing Technology on Display

This year ActOn Finishing is proud to showcase at MACH our latest and complete surface finishing solutions, developed and manufactured to improve our customers’ manufacturing process. During the show visitors can discover the:

  • AWB Wet Blasting Cabinet: ergonomically designed for easy operation in sitting or standing position, for cleaning, descaling, deburring, roughening, oil or grease removal, die cleaning.
  • CHE50 Centrifugal High Energy Machine: built to be 10 times faster than vibratory finishing, producing superior finishes.
  • DTB50 Centrifugal Disc Machine: a reliable, fast and easy to operate machine, perfect for delicate components
  • DLyte100: a dry electropolishing machine which can achieve high quality finishing for machined, sintered and casting parts, obtaining a mirror finish result in a short time.
  • 5+5 Dual Vibratory Finishing Machine: a space-saving vibratory machine which allows you to carry out dry and wet processes in one unit.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: designed to clean, descale and strip a large range of components, for a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics, food, graphics, jewellery, manufacturing, marine, mould cleaning, medical, optical and more.
  • Batch Centrifuge: designed to work in the most effective manner to treat the discharge water from mass finishing, either suitable for recycling or discharge to the foul drain as dictated by the process.

This year ActOn Finishing is proud to showcase at MACH their latest and complete surface finishing technology

6 reasons to visit stand 6-821 at MACH 2024

If you wonder why you should stop by our stand, here are just a few reasons:

1. See the latest in surface finishing technology: from the vibratory finishing bowl and centrifugal high energy machines to the ultrasonic cleaning system and the DLyte Dry Electropolishing technology.
2. We will exhibit a large range of finished components: this means you will be able to gain firsthand impression of the results you can achieve using ActOn’s technology.
3. Check our most comprehensive case studies: these will cover examples from industries such as aerospace, additive manufacturing, automotive, general engineering, medical and more.
4. Find out how to reduce processing times and produce a repeatable and quality product: no high part rejects rates, no need of fixturing, no part impingements, no part dimensional changes, just using the right finishing machine and consumables.
5. We are happy to discuss any of your finishing requirements or issues: we will answer your specific questions in surface finishing and offer you guidance tailored for your finishing needs.
6. Start your ActOn experience by requesting you free processing trial: our team will guide you on how to apply for your free trial. Or you can complete the trial form before and bring it with you at MACH. You can download it from here:


With a commitment to delivering precision and quality, ActOn Finishing plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall standards of the manufacturing sector, offering comprehensive solutions for perfecting the final touches on your components. During the last 60 years, ActOn has strived to consistently maintain a strong reputation for quality and service on the UK market and globally.One of their main goals at MACH exhibition is to showcase their cost-effective and efficient finishing technology and to continue to offer tailored solutions to the manufacturing sector.

ActOn Finishing has chosen MACH 2024 as platform for exhibiting their surface finishing solutions because this show is the UK’s national event for inspiring innovating and connecting manufacturing. The initiative showcases new technology that is readily available to UK manufacturers, helping you to understand the potential adopting such technology can bring to your operation, as well as when to adopt it and how to implement it to best effect.

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