ActOn Finishing Offers Mirror Finishing Solution to UK Manufacturing Market by Acquiring the DLyte PRO500

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The DLyte PRO500 offers exceptional metal surface-finishing results

As an established brand in the surface finishing UK market and with more than 50 years of experience in developing mass finishing, shot blasting and waste water treatment solutions for a wide range of industries, at ActOn Finishing we are looking to introduce more efficient machinery into our range every year. This year we have introduced in out range the DLyte PRO500.

The DLyte PRO500, manufactured by GPAINNOVA, offers exceptional metal surface finishing results with superior speed and efficiency replacing manual finishing. ActOn can now supply this machine or offer a subcontract finishing service.

Sid Gulati, Managing Director at ActOn Finishing, states: “We are very pleased with our latest addition to our test lab. We currently manufacture all surface finishing machines in the UK, and adding the DLyte PRO500 will complement our current offering as we look to grow the business. We are confident that through this collaboration we can offer an advanced process solution and help our customers overcome challenges in finishing their components.”


The DLyte PRO500 offers exceptional metal surface-finishing results

Why DLyte PRO500?

The DLyte® PRO Series has been designed to include the largest compact dry electropolishing machines for industrial applications. Some of its main benefits include:

  • provides a solution to materials such as steel, cobalt-chrome, titanium, copper based, nickel-based and aluminium alloys.
  • the polishing action reaches every corner of the piece, so it can process inner cavities which cannot be accessed mechanically.
  • the DLyte PRO500 is equipped with 2, 4, and 8 perimeter spindles. This versatile configuration allows it to efficiently manage single or multiple workpieces per holder.This not only boosts its overall capacity and performance but also makes it exceptionally effective when dealing with substantial workpiece quantities.
  • achieves homogeneous polishing across the entire surface of the piece is the main advantage compared to mechanical polishing.
  • doesn’t generate grinding texture patterns, improving resistance to part wear and fracture resistance, improving the bearing ratio, an improving fatigue resistance.
  • achieves Ra’s under 0,09 micrometers.
  • offers controlled costs and predictable lead times.


The DLyte PRO500 offers exceptional metal surface-finishing results

DLyte PRO500 combines easy operation, advanced automation, and intelligent software to deliver superior finishing results. With real-time parameter optimisation based on conductivity and temperature control, it maintains electrolyte quality and extends its lifespan, ensuring consistent and repeatable performance between cycles.

The specialised work piece holders and fixtures are designed to optimise results for each piece’s unique geometry and finishing requirements. The versatile holding systems ensure maximum capacity utilisation across various applications, making it the ideal solution for companies of each sector. Moreover, DLyte PRO500 connects to the DLyte HUB to access all services required for high-quality finishing. This allows users to monitor the process, receive real-time system status updates, track maintenance schedules, and download and update surface finishing programs.

Sid Gulati, Managing Director at ActOn Finishing, said: “We are continuously developing and adding new products to our range of finishing solutions and are certainly excited with the new DLyte PRO500 technology. ActOn are here to offer you a complete solution.”

To learn more about ActOn’s technology and surface finishing process, contact the team at You can also request a Free Trial here:

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