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5 ways automated finishing systems optimise the surface finishing process

We’ve taken a look at five other ways automated systems can optimise your surface finishing process. 1. Reduce the need for manual handling and reliance on operators via automated finishing systems Whether you use vibratory finishing or centrifugal disc finishing, a big part of operations involved in the finishing process is carried out by your… Read more »

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ActOn Develops Mass Finishing Processes for Metal Additive Manufacturing Industry

The development of this technology has significantly reduced the finishing time for metal additive manufacturing companies in comparison with traditional methods. Also it offers consistent and repeatable results. From reducing surface roughness, to deburring and polishing these are just a few of the applications that can be achieved via the high energy finishing process. The Partnership with The… Read more »

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Open House: Surface Finish Technologies!

Why you should consider our Surface Finish Technologies Open House event? If you have components that require mass finishing, ActOn Finishing is inviting you to bring along your problem parts to trial during its Open House: Surface Finish Technologies ! event, on the 29th November between 09.00 and 13.00 The Open House: Surface Finish Technologies! event… Read more »

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