5 ways automated finishing systems optimise the surface finishing process

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Discover the benefits integrating an automated surface finishing system can bring to your process and employees.

In comparison to manual finishing, integrating an automated mass finishing system is more operator friendly and can be custom built to suit your specific needs.

Automated finishing systems

We’ve taken a look at five other ways automated systems can optimise your surface finishing process.

1. Reduce the need for manual handling and reliance on operators via automated finishing systems

Automated finishing systems

Whether you use vibratory finishing or centrifugal disc finishing, a big part of operations involved in the finishing process is carried out by your employees. To help ease pressure on your team, integrating an automation system helps keep production moving with minimum operator intervention.

For example a Magnetic Separation System offers full control of process with less reliance on the operator. The process of separation and demagnetisation is automated, hence you will not require a machine operator to separate media from parts at the end of the finishing process.

2. Ensure process control and repeatability

Automated finishing systems

Automated finishing systems are designed and manufactured to ensure process control and repeatability. This means you’ll be able to manage complex finishing systems with ease.

Integrating a Control System will enable you to customise your time settings, cycle start and stop, maintenance schedules and vibratory separator controls to ensure repeatability and process control.

3. Increase productivity and save on operating costs

When you have a daily or monthly output target, time wasted with jobs such as manually loading parts or replenishing worn media is not an option. By integrating an automated finishing system, you won’t experience any more process changes or machinery downtimes.

Take for example the vibratory finishing system we have recently installed at Rolls Royce. This system included a vibratory finishing trough, a control system, a compound dosing unit and an effluent treatment system. This automated solution has helped our client to:

  • Reduce processing times from 60 minutes to 10 minutes;
  • Process 3 times more volume at once
  • Reduce the water consumption

4. Produce a consistent finish with ActOn’s automated finishing systems

Automated finishing systems

Inconsistencies multiply costs and give error more opportunity. However, once you automate the finishing process, you will find there is no need to carry out rework as the machines will produce a consistent finish and avoid a high part reject rate.

5. Suitable for different materials, shapes and finishing applications

Automated finishing systems

At ActOn Finishing, we’re proud to design and manufacture Vibratory, Centrifugal High Energy and Centrifugal Disc automated finishing systems in Great Britain.

Our automated systems allow you to finish parts made from different materials or for different shapes. They are also built to suit different finishing applications such as: deburring, removal of machining lines, removal of surface defects, descaling, degreasing & oil removal, cleaning, smoothing, radiusing, brightening, polishing & burnishing and super-finishing.

Automate your surface finishing

Armed with your newfound knowledge of all the benefits automation can offer, it’s time to discover how ActOn Finishing could help optimise your surface finishing systems.

Request a free trial or get in touch with ActOn Finishing Technical Representatives, where our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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