TVB Vibratory Tumbler – Minimised investment and extra benefits for OEMs and Subcontractors

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Don't miss out on the immediate commercial availability of the TVB vibratory tumbler – the latest addition to our line of vibratory finishing systems.

We are proud to announce the immediate commercial availability of the TVB vibratory tumbler – the latest addition to the company’s line of vibratory finishing systems.

Manual finishing processes can be labour intensive, including rework high part rejects rates and inconsistent results. OEMs and Subcontractors usually implement mass finishing techniques in their processes for the economic advantages and the consistent results achieved. Furthermore a minimal investment in finishing vibratory tumbler is an important criterion for all OEMs and Subcontractors . Having identified these issues, we have designed an affordable vibratory tumbler which is as fast and efficient as our High-End vibratory finishing machines.


The TVB series is a compact, modern and versatile machine. It allows OEMs and subcontractors to minimise their investment whilst enjoying the extra benefits and features of a classic vibratory finishing machine.

TVB Series is a locally manufactured and an affordable alternative for light to medium duty deburring, polishing, descaling, radiusing and burnishing applications.

TVB vibratory tumbler key benefits and features

  • 40% faster processing times than current models in the market.
  • Optimized design to reduce material wastage and manufacturing time whilst maintaining our high quality.
  • 45% reduction in power consumption.
  • Undersized media separation (standard feature).
  • Extended grid for efficient separation.
  • Available in 3 Phase or 1 Phase.
  • Manufactured in U.K.

Payam Nathani, Engineering Manager at ActOn Finishing comments:

“We are pleased to add this machine to our range, as it allows us to provide cost effective solutions to OEMs and Subcontractors. We have set a high standard when designing, manufacturing and testing the TVB Series and we are highly committed to continuously developing our machinery range. We have created a product which delivers faster processing results than current models in the market and provides our customers the best solution for efficient and economical production.” 


What is a vibratory finishing machine?

As a common finishing method in the manufacturing industry, vibratory finishing is an efficient process used to optimise all types of small products and parts. Vibratory finishing machines help you clean and deburr products at a faster pace.

What is vibratory deburring?  

Vibratory deburring removes the rough edges from parts and enables them to fit together more efficiently. This leads to fewer part rejections as well as improved safety. In addition, deburring is an important step in preparing parts for painting.

How does vibratory polishing work?

In this stage a combination of media, parts and compounds are placed in a vibrating machine. The vibrations cause the contents to move in a circular motion and the media to grind against the part to get the desired finish.

What is a tumbling barrel?

Barrel finishing, also known as barrel tumbling or vibratory finishing, is a surface improving operation in which a mixture of parts, media and compounds are placed in a six- or eight-sided barrel and rotated at a predetermined speed for the purpose of rounding corners, deburring, grinding, descaling, deflashing, improving surface finish and much more. 

What are the different types of finishing?

There are several types of metal finishing such as metal plating, chemical finishing or coating, grinding, buffing, electroplating, and sandblasting. Each process has basic steps with all processes beginning with surface preparation. Metal finishing processes can include anything from technical processes to buffers.

For more information about TVB vibratory tumbler please read this PDF or get in touch with a member of the ActOn sales team today:

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