Subcontracting vs Purchasing Manufacturing Capital Equipment

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Wondering whether you should subcontract or purchase manufacturing capital equipment? Join us as we discuss the benefits of each option and more in our video and blog below…

What to consider when investing in capital equipment for your business?

  • Is subcontracting right for your business?

Subcontracting manufacturing capital equipment is great for monitoring business cash flow. At ActOn Finishing we usually charge for subcontracted work to be undertaken per hour or per batch of parts, so the consumer can easily keep track of cash flow and not have to worry about purchasing large manufacturing capital equipment, which can take up valuable floor space and resources. Initially we would carry out a trial on the parts to create an approved finish before moving on to completing the remaining batch parts. 

Subcontracting is beneficial, especially if the volumes do not justify purchasing a machine. Where processes can be two or three stages and require multiple machines, sending this work for subcontract finishing will be far more economical. 

  • Is purchasing right for your business?

Purchasing a new machine demonstrates an efficient control and process in house. It means that the consumer can change the process much more quickly, should a new part be involved for surface finishing. The cost of the process is based per part, which will reduce when bringing work in house. The process can easily be adapted to suit customers requirements, and completed in a timely manner without having the need to ship parts to ActOn for finishing. 

Having your own manufacturing capital equipment in house presents better flexibility to finish various components, which will also show a return on investment very quickly. 

purchasing manufacturing capital equipment Summary of subcontracting benefits:

  • Keep track of cash flow better 
  • Economical option 
  • Saves valuable floor space and resources 
  • Ideal for smaller finishing projects 

Summary of purchasing benefits:

  • Demonstrate efficient control and process in house 
  • Changes can be made quicker, if needed 
  • Better flexibility and adaptability to suit customer requirements 
  • Reduction in costs by bringing work in house 

The good news is that ActOn can help and support you with either option. We offer machines and subcontract finishing options for a wide range of applications, which include vibratory finishing, shot blasting, shot peening and ultrasonic cleaning. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to get in touch or email us at to discuss your options with our team.

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