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ActOn are celebrating yet another sale of their brilliant Orbital Dual Finishing machine, which is grate for polishing and drying in one single unit.

ActOn is pleased to announce another sale for the Orbital Dual Finishing machine to a major events company.

How it works?

This space-saving machine integrates polishing and drying in one unit, making the total process more economical. The combining of the two chambers using the specially designed flap arrangements, components can be easily transferred from the inner process chamber to the outer drying chamber, providing a quick and efficient process.

Polishing and drying consumables

To achieve the polished finish the parts are initially processed in the polyurethane lined inner chamber, using a mix of porcelain media, polishing compound and water. The compound is manufactured at ActOn Finishing and it is specially formulated for polishing and brightening of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Once parts are mass finished, they are transferred to the outer chamber via the separation screen. The components are then dried using ActOn’s dust-free agro media. This product is an excellent moisture absorbent media which also produces a stain free polished effect. Furthermore the agro media is a bovine free product.

Key benefits of the Dual machine

  • The Dual finishing machine can be used for a range of applications such as cleaning, polishing, drying or deburring.
  • Takes less floor space as it combines polishing and drying within one machine
  • Enables you to process a wide range of parts with different shapes and sizes
  • The Orbital Dual finishing machine is very quiet in operation due to acoustic lid
  • It requires low maintenance and it is energy efficient
  • It is simple to operate and highly efficient
  • Ensures high quality finishing of parts each time

Interested in learning more about our Orbital dual machine? Get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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