Centrifugal High Energy Finishing machines and their benefits compared to conventional methods

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Centrifugal high energy finishing machine

So, you’ve heard of Centrifugal High Energy finishing machines, or CHEF, and want to learn more about their benefits in comparison to more conventional methods? Join us as we discuss everything there is to know about CHEF technology and its various benefits in our video and blog below…

What is CHEF technology? 

Put simply, CHEF technology or a Centrifugal High Energy finishing machine is a 3 or 4 barrelled machine, which uses counter direction to create centrifugal force inside the barrels which is then imparted into the barrels with the help of media, water and compounds. 

What are the benefits of Centrifugal High Energy finishing machines? 

The main benefit of this technology, over conventional methods, is the speed at which it can process components and the level of finish it can achieve. Generally speaking this technology is 15-20 x faster than standard vibratory finishing machines, and 3-5 x faster than centrifugal disc finishing machines. This benefit is particularly noticed when trying to radius components or when carrying out grinding processes; for example, when finishing metal additive manufacturer components which are very rough to begin with. 

Another benefit of Centrifugal High Energy finishing machines is the level of finishing this machine can achieve, particularly noticeable in the medical, aerospace and jewellery sector, where both functional and aesthetic finishes are required. Specifically when components are starting in a very rough condition, achieving a mirror finish using standard vibratory finishing equipment is both challenging and time consuming. In a Centrifugal High Energy finishing machine, we are able to reach RA readings that are just not achievable in vibratory finishing machines, and this is due to the amount of energy that the machine generates. 

The third major benefit is the environmental impact, CHEF machines reduce water and compound usage by over 70% compared to standard machines. One of our customers who recently changed from a drag finishing machine to a CHEF machine, has said that they are now saving 150,000 litres of water a year, which particularly in this day and age is a dramatic saving. 

Centrifugal high energy finishing machineOther benefits of high energy finishing machines include: 

  • No fixturing 
  • Quiet in operation 
  • Systems can be easily automated 

Our Centrifugal High Energy finishing machines 

At ActOn Finishing, we manufacture a range of high energy finishing machines to help our customers achieve the surface finish they need. Discover our Centrifugal High Energy finishing machines here and download our brochure for more information.

Centrifugal high energy finishing machineSummary of CHEF machine benefits:

  • High level of finish  
  • Speed 
  • Sustainable 
  • Easy system automation 
  • No hassle 
  • Quiet 

ActOn’s Centrifugal High Energy finishing machines are possibly the most efficient of the finishing systems available in the industry. If you would like to carry out a trial of our high energy finishing machines, please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your options, offer tailored, expert advice and much more.

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