3 ways subcontracting helps manufacturing when Coronavirus impacts your business

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How can you save time, money and keep production going on by using a subcontractor in your manufacturing business? We explore ways...

With Coronavirus impacting business and forcing many employees to work from home, this can have a real effect on those in the manufacturing industry.

We’ve taken a closer look at three key ways using subcontractors such as ActOn Finishing, can help you not only save time and money during this difficult period, but also ensure you’re able to keep production going on.

1. Keep overheads low

In a time when you need to be flexible, using subcontractors will allow you to keep your overhead costs low as you won’t have to worry about staffing facilities, employee benefits or equipment maintenance.

Using subcontractors will also mean when life returns to normal following the pandemic, you’ll have those connections and facilities available to be able to cope with a sudden rise in demand once businesses reopen.

2. Experience specialised services

Another advantage of using a specialised subcontractor is you’ll have access to years of experience outside your immediate team. This also includes specialised equipment that can help provide a fast turnaround.

At ActOn Finishing, we pride ourselves on offering extreme care to detail for any subcontract work we carry out for our clients. With a dedicated subcontract facility, equipped with state-of-the-art finishing machinery, we’re able to provide speedy solutions when a client is unable to process the work themselves.

3. Bespoke research and development

Subcontracts are able to ensure your production is finished to a high standard, and at ActOn Finishing we even hand-finish parts that need extra care.

Don’t worry if you’re concerned your part is too unique or niche to be worked on by a subcontractor either. Many specialists, such as ActOn, are able to offer bespoke research and development to ensure their team are equipped with the right knowledge before starting any finishing work to achieve optimum results.

Your local finishing subcontractor

At ActOn Finishing, we have an exclusive facility, equipped to accommodate a wide range of finishing services in Coventry, the heart of the UK. We’re also proud to offer a Global Service, with an ActOn Finishing branch office in Pune, India and also in Kedah, Malaysia. From High Energy and Vibratory finishing to trained inspections and document controls, we’re here to help you during these unprecedented times.

To find out how we can reduce your business impact from Coronavirus, get in touch with us today.

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