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Wet Blasting Cabinets

The wet pressure jet exerted by the Wet Blasting Cabinets can be used for deburring, cleaning and polishing and offers the same results one would get when using abrasive shot blasting media. One of the main advantages of these wet blasting systems is the reduced time in which parts are blasted. This is due to the high volume conveying flow.

The Wet Blasting Cabinet is a perfect piece of equipment if you are looking to clean, degrease, remove oil, prepare the surface before plating or strip coatings from components. Moreover, the wet blasting application is environmentally friendly and is less aggressive than other shot blasting processes.

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key features

Key features

  • Comes with tungsten carbide blast nozzle and Y-2A blast gun
  • 2 side doors
  • 100 Watt light
  • Wide viewing window glass
  • Air filter and heavy pressure gauge fabrication to offer a safe working pressure
  • The Wet Blasting Cabinets includes slurry pump and tank
  • Cyclone for mist extraction
  • 1.5 HP motor with fan for mist extraction
  • Electrical and pneumatic controls
  • Mechanical ageilator (Anti C104)
  • PLC control system to suit functionality of the machine (optional)
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key benefits

Key benefits

  • Efficient in operation
  • Operator friendly controls
  • Low maintenance
  • Available with manual / auto functionality
  • To clean components in a quick manner, glass beads can be used as blasting media
  • As the wet blasting process doesn’t produce any dust, it offers a bright and clean finish, making it a good finishing option for aerospace and medical industry

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  • accreditation
  • accreditation

We pride ourselves on our excellence, and over the years we have successfully demonstrated an ongoing compliance with ISO quality environmental standards.

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