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As part of your journey with us, we'll provide you with access to both top quality finishing products and additional services that will ensure your business achieves the finish you desire time and time again.

Vibratory Bowl

Each of our Bowl finishing machines are simple to operate and highly efficient, manufactured in classic designs and sizes to meet your unique applications.

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Vibratory Troughs

We offer Troughs in many different sizes and an infinite choice of length and width combinations, making them one of our most versatile. These are particularly useful for larger components.

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Dual Finishing Machine

The orbital Dual finishing machine works to both deburr and dry in one single unit. This is both an excellent and economical finishing option.

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Our unique, elliptical-shaped Vibratory bowl drying machines are compact in size, and simple to operate. The design provides the flexibility to use it as an effective 1 lap drying process or a multi lap process. We also offer conveyorised ovens and rotary dryers.

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Centrifugal High Energy Machine

Engineered with the latest technology, the drive mechanism is designed to produce high g-forces resulting in shorter process times. This technology can be used for both wet and dry processes.

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Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

The centrifugal disc finishing machines are perfect for processing small to medium batches of parts in a reduced period of time.

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Wheel Polishing Machine

Suitable for achieving a highly polished finish on wheels, the AWP188 machine has been designed to be simple to operate and to produce excellent results.

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Waste Water Treatment

During the finishing operation, the effluent can be polluted with oil, media and metal fines. Our customers trust us to help select a waste water treatment system that complies with the industry’s growing regulations. Once processed, the effluent is treated in the ActOn centrifuge system before being discharged to the drain or recycled.

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Automation for Mass Finishing

Both the Vibrota and High Energy can be automised to reduce manual handling, and to ensure a consistent process. Our automated systems are operator friendly, and can be custom built to suit your needs.

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Accessories for Mass Finishing

Each of our accessories is simple to operate, highly efficient and has been designed to complement ActOn’s vibratory and centrifugal high energy finishing machines.

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