ActOn Finishing launches the SPU-1, the most compact wet and dry finishing system available

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ActOn Finishing launches the SPU-1, the most compact wet and dry vibratory finishing system available on the market. Click to read more about SPU-1.

ActOn Finishing, is happy to announce the launch of the SPU-1 vibratory finishing system. This Single Portable Unit is ideally suited for small batch works and delicate components and can be used as either a batch or a continuous system. 

SPU-1 is a vibratory finishing system, designed and manufactured in Britain, perfect for deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, smoothing, radiusing, polishing and drying. This is both an excellent and economical finishing option, as it will allow customers to carry out wet and dry finishing applications in one unit.


Moreover, the SPU-1 has been built to produce a consistent finish in comparison with manual finish, hence there is no need to carry out rework so customers will avoid high part rejects rates.


This automated vibratory finishing system includes a VB1S vibratory bowl machine, a VBD1 dryer and an independent recirculation system and integrated water filtration. It has been designed with wear-resistant casted hot cured polyurethane lining, includes a storage area and it is available in 3 phase and 1 phase.


How it works?


Parts are simply inserted in the VB1S machine and then these are processed with a specially formulated media and compound. Once the wet finishing process is completed, the parts are then transferred into the VBD1 machine in the preheated work chamber to be dried. The dust free agro product, used in the VBD1, is an excellent moisture absorbent media which also produces a stain free polished effect on parts. Components are then unloaded from the machine via the separation screen.

Check our YouTube channel to watch the video on how the SPU-1 works.


SPU-1 Key Features and Benefits

  • Portable unit.
  • Built in compound recirculation system.
  • Water/compound can be filled from the side of the machine.
  • Speed control.
  • Includes storage area.
  • Compact design.
  • British built high-quality product
  • Efficient and quiet in operation
  • Operator friendly controls
  • Low maintenance
  • Manual / Auto functionality
  • Can be customised to suit user applications
  • Independent recirculation system and integrated water filtration. The tank maximum capacity is 30L.


Sid Gulati, operations director at ActOn Finishing, says: “We are pleased to add this machine to our range, as it allows us to provide cost effective solutions for low volume producers. SPU-1 vibratory finishing machine can be moved around and connected up within seconds. With the built-in recirculation system, it really is hassle free!”

To learn more about the SPU-1 Finishing SYSTEM and how you can experience the benefits for yourself get in touch with a member of the ActOn Finishing technical team today:

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