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Deburring & Smooth Finishing Aluminium Crank Case Cover

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We recently had the opportunity to develop a surface finishing solutions, to deburr and achieve a smooth finishing on aluminium crank cases, to benefit one of our customers, from the automotive industry, by reducing processing times and producing a repeatable and quality product.

While we were faced with a challenge to find the perfect finishing media to avoid any lodgements or part damages, the final finishing process allowed the customer to finish a higher volume of parts ensuring that the components’ geometry is integral.

Project Background

To deburr the aluminium motorcycle crank case cover and achieve a bright smooth finishing without damaging the aluminium crank case cover.

The Solution – A Smooth Finishing Using the Vibratory Trough Machine

We achieved the final finish in a single stage process, which takes 20 minutes using our Vibratory Trough. We chose this type of vibratory finishing machine as it is perfect for deburring and smooth finishing larger parts. It also allows the client to process a larger batch of crank cases, making it an efficient piece of equipment.

Divider plates are used in the trough machine which enables processing more than one crank case at a time. This reduces the processing time and the risk of impingement. The machine and process delivers consistent results, with a superior surface finish.

Our team developed a unique process, using a single type of media and compound. As certain areas of the crank case could easily become lodged with media, the size of media was an important factor in this process. Moreover, the grade we chose was as significant as the size, taking in consideration that the part is made from aluminium. Hence we used a low-grade plastic media to prevent any damage to the part.

The liquid finishing compound used is a concentrated cleaner and polisher for non-ferrous metals.

The process benefits include:

  • Client can achieve the final finish in just 20 minutes and a 1 step process.
  • Reduced production costs as there is no need to rework the part and customer only needs 1 type of media and compound.
  • We offered a repeatable and high quality finishing result.
  • In the finishing process we only used consumables approved by the automotive industry.
  • Using the divider plates, there is no risk of parts’ impingement.


The process delivered a superior surface finish in a considerably reduced time, and the dimensional integrity of the part was maintained. All burs have been removed and the smooth finishing was achieved. A complete end-to-end solution.

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