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Prevent Corrosion and Remove Sharp Edges on Mild Steel Parts

In this blog article, we would like to discuss about how you can prevent corrosion and remove sharp edges on mild steel parts, by using vibratory finishing technology. Keep reading the below case study to learn about the ways in which you can reduce processing times, improve your current process and achieve the quality you desire with Mass Finishing techniques.

Project Background

The aim of this project was to develop a vibratory finishing process to remove the sharp edges, clean and inhibit the corrosion and achieve a uniform finish on these steel mild steel components.

The Solution – How To Remove Sharp Edges and Prevent Corrosion

Further to the finishing trials we carried, our technical team have concluded that the best vibratory finishing machine to be used for these parts, was the vibratory finishing trough. As our client needs to process both larger and smaller parts in the same time, this finishing machine would allow him to finish components of different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, these machines have been built to suit various customer applications from deburring, descaling, radiusing and cleaning to polishing and surface improvement.

We achieved the final finish in a single stage process, which takes 45 minutes. Essential to this process were also the consumables we used. The abrasive ceramic media (manufactured by ActOn at our facility in PUNE, Malaysia) allowed us to remove the sharp edges and achieve a uniform surface finish. Our technical team chose a mix of sizes and shapes to ensure any lodgement of media can be avoided and the part finish will be consistent.

We also used LQ111S as a liquid finishing compound (manufactured at our facility in Coventry, UK), as it includes good cleaning properties and it inhibits the appearance of corrosion further to the finishing process.

Did you know that all our compounds are biodegradable and environmental friendly? Contact our technical team if you want to find out more about our range of mass finishing compounds.

The process benefits include:

  • Client can achieve the final finish in under 1 hour.
  • We offered a repeatable and high quality finishing result.
  • Using the correct media size and shape the part surface was smooth and clean.
  • The LQ111S compound protects the part from corroding.


The process delivered a clean and smooth surface finish in a considerably reduced time, while the dimensional integrity of the part was maintained. All sharp edges have been removed and we prevent corrosion effect. A complete end-to-end solution.

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