Introducing the ActOn Portable Finishing Media Screening Unit

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Separate undersized finishing media with the ActOn Portable Finishing Media Screening Unit. Find out more today.

An efficient solution to help you separate the undersized finishing media.

Over a period of time the finishing media starts to wear. This can cause the undersized media to lodge in holes, slots, bores and blind holes of components. The result is a high risk of damaging the geometry of the part. To avoid these situations, we have designed the Portable Media Screening Unit to enable our customers to separate the undersized media by moving the screening unit near the mass finishing machine or underneath the machine door.

The way it works

The Portable Media Screening Unit is a standalone unit. It includes a large undersized finishing media grid and an independent drive system. This unit can be moved next to each finishing machine and can be positioned underneath the machine door

The operator loads the finishing media onto the separator, and starts the process. This allows the media to spread. The finishing media then passes through the open gate and onto the separation screen where it is separated into 2 chambers and then collected by the operator.

Key Features & Benefits of the Portable Finishing Media Screening Unit

  • Allows to separate the media straight from the finishing machine.
  • It screens 25kg of media every 90 seconds
  • unit dimensions in mm / inch (L x W x H): 1794 x 833 x 1135 / 71 x 33 x 45
  • motor power: 0.31 kW, 3 phase, 50 Hz
  • Time efficient – using this system our clients have managed to reduce the downtime by 3 hours, depending on the finishing media condition
  • The portable media screens are made out of steel and the sizes of holes and slots can be manufactured depending on the customer requirements
  • Standard control panel with on/ off controls
  • Easy to move around as it is mounted on castor wheels.
  • British high-quality product
  • Durable product due to design, good quality materials & workmanship knowledge
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance

To learn more about ActOn Portable Finishing Media Screening Unit and how you can experience the benefits for yourself, get in touch with a member of the ActOn Finishing technical team today:


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