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ActOn Finishing Partners with GPAINNOVA as UK Distributor for DLyte Technology

DLyte Technology The DLyte machine combines grinding and polishing in a one-step process to produce smooth and shiny finished parts. It is used for metal parts which require high performance or superior finishes, including steel and stainless-steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, nickel and other common metal alloys. DLyte technology is the first dry electropolishing system of… Read more »

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Case Study: How to Polish Alloy Wheels to a Bright Finish

Most of the online tutorials show you how to manual polish wheels. This includes in general going through many steps such as cleaning the rims, prepping and sanding the surface, buffing the rims with different wheels, manually polishing and in some cases coating. As the automotive industry is rapidly evolving towards more efficient vehicles where… Read more »

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Case Study: Achieving a Mirror Polish on Stainless-Steel Jewellery

Project Background   Client approached ActOn team to develop a cost-effective process to achieve a mirror polish finish on stainless steel jewellery. The finishing process also implied barrelling 300 pieces per batch.   How we achieved the mirror polish on the stainless-steel jewellery   From the start of this project we ruled out vibratory finishing,… Read more »

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Case Study: Surface Finishing an Inconel 3D Printed Part

Project Background   Client approached ActOn Finishing team to develop a process to allow him to achieve a smooth and polished finish on an Inconel 3d printed part. The part’s surface roughness average before being processed was 7.72 µm.   How we surfaced finished the Inconel 3D Printed Part   Due to the previous studies,… Read more »

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Case Study: Prevent corrosion and remove sharp edges on mild steel parts

Project Background The aim of this project was to develop a vibratory finishing process to remove the sharp edges, clean and inhibit the corrosion and achieve a uniform finish on these steel mild steel components.   How To Remove Sharp Edges and Prevent Corrosion Further to the finishing trials we carried, our technical team have… Read more »

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Case Study: Choosing the Right Media Shape & Size to Polish an Intricate 3D Printed Ornament

Project Background   As the part has some very intricate details one of the main issues we encountered was that if we over processed the components the details would be removed. Also, due to the manufacturing method certain internal areas were difficult to process. Hence the media shape and size was essential to achieve a… Read more »

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Deburring & Smooth Finishing Aluminium Crank Case Cover

The Aim   To deburr the aluminium motorcycle crank case cover and achieve a bright smooth finishing without damaging the aluminium crank case cover.   How We Achieved the Smooth Finishing on the Component   We achieved the final finish in a single stage process, which takes 20 minutes using our Vibratory Trough. We chose… Read more »

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ActOn High Energy Finishing Process Enables Client to Deburr 10,000 Parts/ Hour

The project background   We have been approached by our customer as they required a more effective way to degrease and remove sharpness on Molybdenum parts, before the plating stage. At the time of the initial contact, our customer was finishing 8,000 parts/ batch using a traditional barrel finishing machine and the full process took… Read more »

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