How to know what type of vibratory finishing machine you really need

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The surface finishing machine you choose will influence both the process and the end result of your parts.

As the UK’s leading experts in redefining surface finishing and developing machinery for mass finishing applications, we recognise it might be challenging to get to grips with which vibratory finishing machine is most suitable for your needs.

To help you establish what type and size of vibratory finishing machine is best for your part, we’ve broken down everything you need to know.

Here’s what you need to consider:

Some of our most widely known and used vibratory finishing machines are the Vibratory Troughs, Bowls, Dryers and Duals. In order to choose the one that suits your requirements, you need to take in consideration a few factors:

Part size – It’s crucial to allocate the right vibratory finishing machine to your part size in order to achieve the desired results. For finishing smaller and delicate parts or small batch works, we recommend a smaller vibratory finishing machine, such as the HT Series, the Bench Mounted Bowl Machine, or the HT2D Dryer. On the other hand, if you need to process larger parts, a Vibratory Trough Machine is much better suited. 

Part fragility – To avoid impingements when processing delicate parts, we suggest installing divider plates into the working chamber so your parts not only maintain their quality, but also achieve a smooth finishing result. 

Application – For applications such as deburring, descaling, radiusing, cleaning, polishing, and surface improvement, both the Vibratory Bowl and Vibratory Trough Machines can be used. If you need to dry the parts and achieve a clean finish, then a dryer is better suited. 

However, if there is a case where you need to carry out a wet process (such as deburring, cleaning, descaling or polishing) and a dry process (like cleaning, drying and polishing) then the right machine for you would either be a Dual Finishing Machine, an automated system such as a vibratory bowl and drying system, or the SPU1 System, typically used for small batch works.

Space – Finally, you need to consider how much space you have to accommodate the vibratory finishing machine. At ActOn Finishing we have a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. From our smaller vibratory finishing systems and the dual machine, to automated finishing systems designed to tailor your specific requirements.

Understanding what features you require:

With all the above factors taken into consideration, it should be simpler to narrow down what is the right vibratory finishing machine for you.

It’s important to know if you need a machine with or without a separation system as this can impact the type of vibratory finishing machine that is best suited to you. Generally for components which are hard to separate from media at the end of the finishing process, we recommend a finishing machine with a separation system, such as the S Series

For heavy duty applications such as ball burnishing, using a bowl finishing machine such as our B Series is most efficient. Featuring a powerful drive system and special springs, this bowl machine has a special rubber lining to assist the movement of the parts during the process.

If you’re processing automotive wheels, using a wheel polishing machine would work best for you. This machine is suitable for achieving a highly polished finish on both forged and casted wheels. 

wheel polishing

If at the end of the finishing process you need to dry the parts, choosing a dryer will depend on the part specification. 

If you can’t dry parts using agro media, due to the risk of lodging, then our answer is using a Centrifugal Dryer or a Conveyorised Electrically Heated Drying Oven. Otherwise, large parts can be dried in either a Vibratory Finishing Dryer.

Finding your vibratory finishing machine

From determining the wet and dry processes, to understanding how different applications can impact the finishing process, there are a few key considerations to make when choosing the right vibratory finishing machine for your process. With the help of our experts, carrying out finishing trials can help you establish the right machine type, size, and process for your parts to help you achieve optimum finishing results.

To find out further information or to organise your free finishing trial, please get in touch with ActOn Finishing and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

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