How can aqua blasting increase productivity and improve your finishing process?

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Aqua blasting is a cutting-edge method that combines efficiency with precision. Join us as we introduce you to our effective AWB cabinets, and help you understand how these top of the range machines can be used to improve your finishing process and speed up productivity.

Read on to discover our aqua blasting machine range...

Meet the AWB Series

At ActOn Finishing, we’re proud to offer the AWB series, a range of aqua blasting machines renowned for their versatility and effectiveness. These machines are engineered to handle a wide variety of applications, from cleaning intricate parts to preparing surfaces for coating or restoration work.

The AWB series stands out for its ability to adapt to different abrasives and pressures, allowing for tailored treatments based on specific project requirements. Whether you’re working with automotive components, aerospace parts, or architectural features, these machines deliver consistent, high-quality results, everytime.

But what are the specific benefits of our aqua blasting series?… 

Before and After showing AWB aqua blasting machine results

AWB series benefits

There are several benefits of aqua blasting with the AWB series:

  • Gentle but effective: Achieve thorough cleaning and preparation without damaging delicate surfaces.
  • Dust-free operation: Minimise airborne particles for a cleaner working environment.
  • Enhanced precision: Control over pressure and abrasive media ensures precise results.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduced abrasive consumption and water recycling options contribute to sustainability efforts.

The automated aqua blasting advantage

For streamlined operations and increased productivity, consider our automated aqua blasting machines. These innovative systems integrate advanced controls and robotics, allowing for precise and consistent surface treatment. Automation not only boosts efficiency but also reduces labour costs and improves safety in industrial settings.

Automated aqua blasting machine

The automated aqua blasting benefits

Our automated aqua blasting machines have all the same benefits and features as our AWB series, as well as; 

  • Programmable settings: Customise blasting parameters for different materials and surface types.
  • Consistent quality: Eliminate human error and achieve uniform results across batches.
  • Remote monitoring: Monitor and adjust operations remotely for optimised performance.
  • Increased throughput: Process larger volumes of parts with minimal manual intervention.
  • Quick, easy and effective: Because it’s a repeatable process, there is no need to rework the parts, so no scraps, no reworks, improved costs, and it also has a fast throughput of parts.

Before and after of metal part cleaned with an automated aqua blasting machine

Aqua blasting with the AWB series has never been more effective. From its gentle yet precise cleaning capabilities to its versatility, this technology offers unparalleled advantages for various industries. Read our brochure or get in touch to achieve great finishing results. 


1. How does aqua blasting compare to dry blasting methods?

Aqua blasting uses a mixture of water, abrasive media, and compressed air, resulting in a gentler and more controlled surface treatment compared to dry blasting. It minimises dust and preserves the integrity of delicate surfaces better than traditional dry methods. Discover our range of dry blasting machines, for you to compare.

2.What types of surfaces can benefit most from aqua blasting?

Aqua blasting is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including metals, plastics, composites, and even delicate materials like glass or ceramics. It is particularly effective for cleaning and preparing surfaces without causing damage.

3. Are there specific safety considerations when using aqua blasting machines?

Safety is important when using aqua blasting machines. Operators should wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection, to prevent exposure to abrasive particles and ensure safe handling of equipment. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation in the workspace to manage any airborne particles generated during the blasting process.

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