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Not sure where to start when it comes to wheel polishing? That’s where we can help, join us as we explore the benefits of our automated wheel polishing machines, alongside our ongoing expert support and the stages that ensure you excel in your field with our video and blog below…

The AWP-188P Wheel Polisher

A semi-automated wheel polishing machine, the AWP-188P wheel polisher, is designed to polish wheels with a diameter of up to 24 inches. As we all know, wheel polishing is not just a process, but an artform, some may even say a dark art. If you want to become an expert, you need to partner with ActOn Finishing for the best results.

The ActOn Finishing difference  

When you buy a wheel polishing machine by ActOn Finishing, we will personally teach you to set up the automated wheel polishing machine for success, providing you with specialist media and liquid compounds to get the best results. You will also learn to fine tune the process to polish wheels like the pros, or perhaps even better than them. 

If you’re a sole trader or a large wheel refurbishment company, you will get the very same professional help and advice, ongoing support, and quality customer service so you and your team can become wheel polishing experts.

What do you get when you buy a AWP-188p from ActOn Finishing? 

Firstly, the bowl, this has no cheap spray on lining that will wear, we use a 20 mil plus cast polyurethane lining for longevity. The motors we offer are either 1500 or 3000 RPM motors, and we can help you make the correct choice between the two, or you could take both types if you wish. 

Acoustic noise reduction cover, is an optional extra, but not many, if any other companies offer this feature. Our full control panel is not just a simple on and off switch with manual and automatic mode, this advanced technology can reverse the flow of the media at strategic predetermined times, to ensure there is no ghosting or shadowing, which is not available on standard single flow machines. We also offer variable speed for ultimate control over processing with digital readout and time and panel. 

As part of our superior machine, we recommend using the water flow controls smart panel. It’s best not to guess the settings and waste money by using more water and liquid compound than is required. Our machines come with a water flow metre gauge and compound dosing pump as standard for decisive control over the water and compound mixed affection. 

This automated wheel polishing machine also comes with manual or automatic modes with a timer, so when the process stops all the services do too. This ensures you don’t waste your money with excessive electric, water, media and liquid compound use. Our machine even turns itself off after you go home for the evening, so it can process when you’re not there.

Optional upgrades

Two of the more popular upgrades are: 

  1. Pneumatic chamber flap – If you have one machine and you want to quickly change the media chips between each of the three stages, then this extra touch will save you both time and money 
  2. Numeric wheel load and unload system – In a professional workshop, where time and money are always important, this helpful feature becomes a must have solution. Not only will the operators thank you, but you will be very glad that you went for this option as it makes perfect business sense

The wheel polishing process 

When it comes to wheel polishing we break it down into 3 simple stages. Firstly, it needs to be prepared prior to going into the machine, this usually includes minor repairs such as  dents or scratches as you would prepare any other wheel, and then the stages begin… 

  • Stage 1: Heavy cut down – We use a specially formulated media, which was developed with a premium wheel manufacturer to provide the perfect first treatment. The surface of the wheel is smooth, creating a flat surface with a very tactile feel 
  • Stage 2: The fine cut down – Again, using premium, specially developed consumables to achieve a further refined finish in preparation for the final stage of the polishing process 
  • Stage 3: Polishing – Using high density, porcelain media, with a specific weight helps to provide the final smooth and polished finish your customer desires 

Additionally, there are also two specialist liquid compounds required at different stages with a final compound to provide the brightest most polished finish possible. The preparation process and quality of the wheel material has an influence on the final finish results. 

The average cost when processing a wheel when you first start out is likely to be £35 – £45  per wheel, however, with experience it is possible to reduce the cost to approximately £25 per wheel.

Become a wheel repair expert with ActOn Finishing  

With professional wheel polishing being the must have process for any car lover, it’s your time to become an expert and see how an ActOn automated wheel polishing machine can provide you with a quick return on your investment, and deliver you with a well deserved long term income stream to add to your already successful business. If this is of interest to you, book a free telephone consultation with our expert team and start your wheel polishing journey with us. 

Download our brochure to learn more. 

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