Discover how an ActOn Finishing free trial improves your process development

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Discover how an ActOn Finishing free trial improves your process development

To help you achieve an optimum finishing result inline with requirements, ActOn Finishing offers a free trial and technical consultation.

acton finishing free trial

We’ve taken a closer look at the process of a free trial with ActOn Finishing, to discover how it can improve your process development, reduce costs and improve finishing quality.

Establishing a repeatable solution 

Each trial and technical consultation at ActOn Finishing is customised to customer requirements. To begin, we’ll ask you to complete a form including any technical data related to the parts and finishing requirements. We’ll then need you to send the form back to us along with a sample part.

To understand the full picture, we’ll organise a consulting session with you before carrying out trials in our Research and Development facility. This will enable our engineers to ascertain process parameters and establish a repeatable solution.

Your sample part will be returned for inspection and approval – if necessary further trials can be carried out until we achieve the results you require.

Mass finishing parts to a high standard

Based on each customer’s requirements and the trial results, we can mass finish the parts at our subcontract facility in Coventry. A data card is made for each part which includes the process parameters, inspection criteria and any other notes to ensure repeatability in results.

Components are then processed and inspected as per the data card, with batch numbers assigned to parts for traceability, before parts are returned to the customer.

Alternatively following a free trial, we can design, manufacture and install the finishing system for you and provide the consumables required, based on the process we have developed.

We can also provide the process parameters and train staff to ensure the process will be reproduced at your own facility.

Developing processes for a range of requirements

Taking part in a free trial will help to identify the right process parameters, finishing system, consumables and water treatment solution needed for your part.

In ActOn Finishing’s Research and Development centre, we can develop processes for a range of requirements (including mass finishing, shot blasting, precision polishing and dry electropolishing) and offer a wide variety of finishing applications from deburring and descaling to smoothing, brightening and polishing. You can discover our full range of finishing applications here.

Our team will establish an improved process, resulting in shorter processing times, reduced costs (such as finishing costs, material costs and labour) as well as improving the final part finish.

Accelerating the process development for Rolls Royce Bristol 

acton finishing free trial

ActOn Finishing developed and installed a vibratory finishing system at Rolls Royce Bristol following a free trial and process development. This new mass finishing system enabled the client to improve the parts’ finishing quality and to increase productivity.

After installing ActOn’s system, the new process enabled Rolls Royce to:

  • Improve part cleanliness
  • Reduce process time from 60 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Process 3 times more volume at once
  • Reduce water consumption

Arrange your ActOn Finishing free trial and improve your process development

With five decades of experience in component finishing in Britain for a wide range of industries (including Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive and Hospitality), your part will be in safe hands with ActOn Finishing.

The process development is free of charge and with our facility being based in the heart of England, we have easy access to all of our clients.

To find out further information or to organise your free trial, please fill in our form and an ActOn engineer will be in touch to recommend the best process.

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