Achieving a Bright Polished finish on a 3D Printed Lizard

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Achieving a Bright Polished Finish on a Stainless Steel 3D Printed Lizard

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Posted on October 1, 2019 by

Achieving a Bright Polished finish on a 3D Printed Lizard

Processing a 3D printed part can be challenging when in comes to improving the component's appearance and smoothing the surface. These parts tend to have a textured surface and require improvement of surface roughness.

At ActOn Finishing we have developed and optimised our mass finishing processes to be able to reduce the surface roughness, debur, achieve a smooth finish and polish 3D printed parts, in a significantly reduced processing time.

In this blog article we discuss about how we developed a mass finishing process to polish a Stainless Steel 3D printed lizard, using ActOn Finishing Centrifugal Disc Finishing technology.


The Aim


To smooth the surface and achieve a bright polished finish on a Stainless Steel 3D printed lizard.


How We Processed the 3D Printed Lizard


We achieved this with our three-stage process, using the ActOn Centrifugal Disc Finishing machine, which combines grinding, smoothing and polishing. Due to the rough surface of the part, a high density ceramic media and LQ18 compound were used in the 1st stage.

The second stage was carried out using an abrasive plastic media and a finishing compound, which is a good cleaner, polisher. The aim of the second stage was to smooth the 3D printed lizard surface without affecting the dimensional integrity of the component. Careful consideration to the media shape and size was given to ensure all areas of the component were processed.

Lastly, the 3D printed lizard was processed using a porcelain media and a finishing compound, specially formulated for polishing and brightening of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.




The total process time took approx. 6 hours which was less than what the customer expected. The process delivered a superior bright polished finish while the dimensional integrity of the part was maintained.

3D Printed Lizard


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