How our test lab helps optimise process development for mass finishing

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Find out more about how our newly refurbished test lab at ActOn Finishing optimises the mass finishing process development for clients.

We’re proud to offer a tailored service to each of our customers at ActOn Finishing.

In our test lab we’re continually evolving our processes and machines to make them more effective. We understand the importance of constantly researching and developing finishing processes.

At our manufacturing facility in Coventry, we specialise in process development for mass finishing. We believe it’s important to find the most optimum processes to determine the exact machine and consumables required for any product.

This allows us to grow consumer trust and confidence, by proving the solutions work before a customer invests.

The ActOn Finishing test lab


ActOn Finishing Test Lab

We believe in being transparent in our approach and practices at ActOn Finishing and we regularly invite customers to visit our facility to watch us carry out tests on their components or to even work with us.

Our test lab has recently undergone a considerable refurbishment with a range of new machinery, from vibratory machines to high energy machines, Dlyte and also water treatment systems.

The range of machines allows customers to compare different technologies at once, ensuring they find the solution that provides the required standards in highly demanding markets. We also have a subcontract barrelling workshop available for larger scale trials in a controlled environment.

In our test lab, we can also offer water treatment trials demonstrating the different methods available to customers, who are invited to bring their own waste water along.

Explore how our test lab could benefit your business


Mass Finishing Process Development

Process development for mass finishing is a key part of our service at ActOn Finishing, as we continue to provide our customers with the most optimum cost-effective solutions.

To find out more information about arranging a future visit to our test lab or for further details on our development process at ActOn Finishing, please get in touch.

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