Revolutionise Your Surface Finishing with ActOn Finishing’s Automated Blasting Cabinets

Check out our our comprehensive range of Automated Blasting Cabinets.

Looking to get the best results out of your shot blasting process? At ActOn Finishing, we’ve got you covered. Let’s discuss about our range of automated blasting cabinets, how they can improve your finishing process results and speed and which machine best suits your requirements.

We are proud to introduce our comprehensive range of Automated Blasting Cabinets. Designed to meet diverse industrial needs, these state-of-the-art systems offer unparalleled benefits and flexibility, ensuring optimal surface treatment for a wide variety of components.

Benefits of Automated Blasting Cabinets

ActOn’s Automated Blasting Cabinets offer numerous advantages over traditional methods. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automation streamlines the blasting process, reducing manual labor and increasing throughput.
  • Consistent Quality: Precision engineering ensures uniform surface treatment, delivering high-quality finishes every time.
  • Operator-Friendly Design: User-centric controls and custom-built configurations make these systems easy to operate and integrate into existing workflows.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a broad range of applications including deburring, descaling, corrosion removal, paint or rust removal, deflashing, polishing, shot peening, and powder removal.
  • Full Support: ActOn provides comprehensive support from consultation to installation and beyond, ensuring seamless implementation and operation.

Check out our our comprehensive range of Automated Blasting Cabinets.

ActOn’s Diverse Range of Blasting Systems

ActOn Finishing offers a versatile array of Automated Blasting Cabinets, each designed to cater to specific requirements:

Wet Blasting Automated System: Ideal for blasting shafts prior to coating. Featuring two blasting lines for shafts up to 70mm in diameter, this system includes a water wash chamber to remove residue and an air drying stage, ensuring components exit clean and dry.

Satellite Blasting Cabinets: Perfect for processing complex parts without contact, preventing potential damage. Applications include die cleaning, removing rolling skin from forged parts, fine blasting, and polishing.

Drum Blasting Cabinets: Tailored for small parts, these cabinets are essential in the 3D Printing industry. They can safely blast Aluminum, Titanium, PA, or PP parts with explosion-proof features like cell wheel locks and non-return valves.

Transit Blasting Cabinets: Designed for achieving matt, deburred, or rough finishes, these cabinets utilise oscillating nozzle movements for comprehensive coverage. They can be integrated with other machines and operate in batch or continuous modes.

Turntable Blasting Cabinets: Suitable for larger, heavier, often round components, these cabinets use a rotating turntable and oscillating nozzles for thorough blasting. Options include permanent in-cabinet turntables or external loading systems for ease of use with cranes or forklifts.

Internal Blasting Cabinets: Specially designed for hollow components such as gas cylinders and diving tanks. These cabinets ensure complete internal cleaning with rotational and vertical nozzle movements.

Shot Peen Installations: Feature advanced sieving and optional roundness control of the blasting medium. These systems can be customised for use in any of the above-mentioned blast cabinets.

Check out our our comprehensive range of Automated Blasting Cabinets.

ActOn Finishing’s Automated Blasting Cabinets are engineered to meet the most demanding industry standards, ensuring efficiency, quality, and safety. With customisable solutions and dedicated support, ActOn Finishing is your partner for all your surface treatment needs.

Here at ActOn Finishing, we have a variety of shot blasting cabinets. If you’re looking to achieve great finishing results, read our brochure or get in touch with us today

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