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Are you looking to improve your vibratory polishing process? 

For maximum impact and productivity, we have a fantastic range of accessories that you can use with our vibratory range.

Not sure where to start when choosing your vibro polishing accessories? Take a look at our handy guide and discover the difference they can make to vibro polishing.

Dosing Unit

dosing unit

Ideal for reducing compound wastage and saving on additional costs, the diaphragm dosing pump controls the liquid compound flow rate dosed into the finishing machine. Benefits of investing in a dosing unit include reducing wastage, saving costs on media and compounds, providing a consistent finish, extending the media life and keeping the work bowl of the machine clean.

Media and Part Separation System

separation system

Separating parts from media with minimum operator intervention, this handy accessory also saves you time when it comes to separating parts from media in comparison with manual separation. This accessory can also be integrated with vibratory bowls, duals and dryers. For troughs, we have the Independent Vibratory Separation System.

Divider plates

Ideal for processing delicate components, this highly efficient accessory has been designed to offer flexibility in changing the chamber size to suit the part geometry and is also capable of batch processing. This accessory will ensure parts are not damaged as they are processed in separate compartments.

Rotary Table & Portable Unload Cabinet


The Rotary Table and the Portable Unload Cabinet are ideal for use as part of a finishing system where you need to collect parts at the end of the finishing process. These accessories collect the parts from the discharge chute of the machine at the end of the finishing process, with minimum operator intervention. The Rotary Table provides an ergonomic surface in which the operator can sort, visually inspect and collect their respective containers.

Control Panel

control panel

For process control and repeatability, use a Control Panel. These can be customised with light and sound indicators, speed and direction controls and you can also add door lid and flap controls to suit. If you need more control of the finishing process, we recommend integrating PLC and HMI Controls which can provide functions such as:

  • Time and RPM setting
  • Cycle start
  • Cycle stop
  • Recipies
  • Maintenance monitoring clock
  • Vibratory separator controls

Parts/ consumables conveyors, hoppers and feeders

Take a look at our comprehensive range of consumables conveyors, hoppers and feeders for an automated finishing process and continuous production.

For more information on our vibro polishing accessories, please take a look at our brochure or contact us on 024 7646 6914 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with any queries you have.

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