4 Reasons Why You Should Support Manufacturing in the UK

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Why should you choose a manufacturing business in the UK? We explore the 4 top benefits to your business when you support a British based manufacturer...

ActOn is a family-run business based in the Midlands and we’re proud to be the only one of our kind in the UK. We’re proud to be a member of Made in Britain, manufacturing our specialist machines and consumables from our facility in Coventry. But what does the Made in Britain campaign mean in terms of why you should choose to support manufacturing in the UK?

We take a closer look at the benefits to you and your business…

1. You’ll be supporting the local economy

Being accepted as a member of Made in Britain recognises that we’ve demonstrated a commitment to the on-gong training and development of our staff. By supporting a UK-based manufacturing business, you’re helping to support the industry as a whole and encouraging more job opportunities.

2. You’ll be lowering your carbon footprint

Working with a UK manufacturing business means you’ll decrease the amount of miles a product has to travel. The less distance our products or machines need to travel, the less fuel is used. This means there’s less damage to the environment.

At a time when sustainable practices and eco-friendly choices have never been more prevalent, you’ll be able to proudly promote your support of the UK manufacturing industry.

3. You’ll have peace of mind

As a UK manufacturer, at ActOn Finishing we comply with all UK legislation meaning you’ll receive products that are inline with industry standards and regulations.

Plus if needed, you’ll be able to visit our manufacturing facility (based in Coventry) to come and see your products being created first-hand.

4. You’ll receive efficient delivery

With less distance for delivery, products manufactured in the UK can be with you quicker than ordering from abroad. This can help with predicting trade forecasts, managing stock levels and increasing your sales. Support a UK-based manufacturer and get ahead of your competition.

Being based in the heart of the country means we have easy access to all of our clients.

Why not explore more of our surface finishing machines at ActOn or get in touch with us for a more bespoke query.

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