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Category: Case Study

HE Finishing Process Developed for Additive Manufacturing Company

Recently we had the opportunity to develop a finishing process for an additive manufacturing company, that builds 3D parts for a wide array of engineering sectors. This project required finishing an additive manufactured Inconel wheel. The part end finish implied a high polished surface on one side of the wheel whilst leaving the other untouched.… Read more »

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From Manual Finishing to Mass Finishing Mansory Drill Bits

Our client manufactures tools for the automotive and construction industry. They have recently approached us as they were looking for a better way to finish the mansory drill bits they manufacture. Up till the point of contacting us, they were manual finishing the parts, which meant a high rate of rework and rejection rate, inconsistent results and time… Read more »

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Finishing Solution for Axle Holder in a Reduced Processing Time

ActOn Finishing was approached by one of its customers to develop a finishing solution for axle holder. The customer manufactures forge automotive parts for the motorcycle industry. They were manual polishing the components and were looking to implement vibratory finishing in their process. However, at the time they had no experience with mass finishing techniques and… Read more »

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